NaughtySkittle 31F
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11/6/2005 8:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well my 1st blong and well i havn't been on here for a while i updated my profile a bit and stuff like that.I really don't know what to say is that have a good monday or week!
Mandy xoxox

itsallme83 33M
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11/7/2005 2:12 am

heya gurl wassup, how are ya? first blog no1 eva knows wat 2 write. if ya wanna chat jus reply

rayray4more4ply6 36M
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11/7/2005 2:59 am

A few ideas for your blogs.... Storys true or fantacies are always fun to read. Don't worry about being judged. Nobody comes here to judge.

rm_slyman1980 37M
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2/7/2006 10:18 pm

Email me and maybe we can hook up!


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