Sex by the window  

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12/25/2005 11:18 pm

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Sex by the window

Seated together one nite with my lover in the apt where windows everywhere. With only candles litted and some nice romantic smooth jazz playing in the background. We kissed and cuddle each other all over the body and gradually lay on the bench sofa next to the window. As we get a little heat up with sexual passion, my fingers began to flick the button off her blouse and her long princess skirt. As I run down her heated body, there her pantyless body covered with a pair of long skin color stocking with french laced garters belt on her - sensually sexy and hot. Keeping that stocking and garters belt but her also french laced bra off... I slowly move from her voluptous lips to her nice pink and hard tits to nibble, lick and suck while my finger run around her clits and pussy... she moan and go breatheless... we got even hotter and cum really deep and in...

The rest is up to your imagination (as usual)

I know this is probably not advisable & legally indecent in Singapore but I love to hear if anyone actually done that before especially if you are staying near another block of building or low floors that passerby do actually can see all those stuff you and your partner do. maybe you can also suggest what you've done.

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