The trials and tribulations of beautification  

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1/7/2006 3:02 pm

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The trials and tribulations of beautification

The eye is on the prize - 7 days and nights in sunny Cabos

The current 7 day outlook:

Jan 8 Sunny
82°/62° 10%

Jan 9 Sunny
81°/58° 20%

Jan 10 Partly Cloudy
83°/58° 10%

Jan 11 Mostly Cloudy
83°/59° 10%

Jan 12 Mostly Cloudy
83°/58° 10%

Jan 13 Cloudy
83°/57° 0%

Jan 14 Partly Cloudy
83°/57° 0%

Jan 15 AM Clouds / PM Sun
83°/55° 10%


The first step in preparation for my trip was several trips per week to the tanning booth. Not a big sacrifice, unless you check my bank account.

The second step in preparation is planning, organizing, researching, figuring out what to do while I am there... within reason. I like to relax- that is priority #1. Plan is to go jet skiing then snorkeling, a evening cocktail cruise, a day shopping at cabos followed by an evening in town partying, a spa day and the rest of the days... resting. If you look at the weather, it appears that there is a threat of clouds, rain and generalized lack of sunshine, which annoys and frightens me all at once! I live in Minnesota- we didn't see sun for 2 wks until today and it was a brief visit.

Yesterday, I went and had my nails done. Short, slightly square shape with round edges, white tips, clean, sexy classic French manicured look. My signature look since the 90's. I don't like color on my nails. I also had a pedicure with the same french manicure, she put a little flower with a pink crystal in the middle. Sexy.

Today, after very, very little sleep. I was up at 8:45am, for my hair appointment. Cut, full hightlight. My hair is healthy and soft and brighter in color.

I went tanning again today. The last visit before my trip. After that, I went to have a waxing treatment done. I am smooooooth, soft and hairless. Yes, it hurts like hell, but all of you women out there know the sacrifices we make for the sake of beauty!

I like a hairless chest/back with just a hint of hair around the navel on a man. Sort of like a "Come Hither" look to lead you right into their pants.

So, I am ready for my trip. Now I just have to pack! Yes, I still, STILL have to pack. I am taking my laptop with me, if I am able to, I will show some pics from my trip and let you see how it is going.

I will be up in less than 12 hours!
Adios amigos/amigas-
Buenos dias'

The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


newlearner32 43M

1/7/2006 3:55 pm

Bye, sweetie. Have Fun!! Have some for me while your there as well!!

rm_art_persists 51M
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1/7/2006 4:22 pm

enjoy; gotta say I don't envy you your preparation.

cozy1957 59M

1/7/2006 8:16 pm

Have fun, it's the least you deserve for all the work you've done to get ready.
My prep for a trip is making sure I have extra socks but I might not even need those in Cabos.
I hope those cloudy day forecasts are wrong...and post some pics!!

aascrompn 42M
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1/7/2006 9:07 pm

Just had to rub it in, didn't you?

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