Naughty Nurse Turn On?  

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12/27/2005 10:08 pm

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Naughty Nurse Turn On?

What is it that is such a turn on with the "naughty nurse" persona? There really is nothing sexy about nursing. I used to wear the little nursing dresses when I first graduated, now it is scrubs in every color and pattern under the sun. Like my "I Love Lucy" scrubs, or my "Curious George" ones, I have some with "Dora the Explorer" as well. Not very sexy is it?

I really am a nurse. I get that question a thousand times a day... "are you really a nurse"? Yes, I am. I love what I do. I love taking care of people. I love being able to help patients and their families with difficult times and situations. I am good at it. It's a calling, that is true.

The nursing profession used to be mainly made up of women, but now I work with several male nurses, after all Gaylord Meet the Parents)is a nurse! Most of my patients aren't up for hanky panky... nor would it be very ethical of me to even think of that. Yet, it seems to be a generalized fantasy... the nurse and the bed bath, etc. I would love to be a naughty nurse while at work, that would be an incredible fantasy. Especially if Dr. George Clooney and I were to hook up on ER! LOVE HIM. That is my fantasy! I am going to put this question on the advice line to see what others have to say.


The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


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12/28/2005 9:58 am


im_curious_4u 50M

12/28/2005 8:02 pm

I'm guessing it's the idea of doing something taboo with someone who is thought of as wholesome. You got your fantasies about naughty librarians, teachers, Catholic school girls, cheerleaders, farmers daughters ect... They're not women normally associated with being naughty sexy women. Although many are. It's just not the public persona of those women.

Hmm I do like the thought of a sponge bath from a sexy nurse.

NaughtyNurseMn 48F
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12/29/2005 3:38 am

Curious- That could be arranged!

It is the sexy part then, not so much the naughty part.... seems pretty simply and common sense! I get it totally, just like the lady on the outside the bedroom and -not so much so- in the bedroom!
HMmmmm I am totally into that scene!

The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


aascrompn 42M
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12/29/2005 9:33 am

I love the idea of doing something naughty in a public place, such as a hospital. I think it's the idea that someone could walk in that really gets me going.

dnctwo 53M

12/29/2005 10:02 am

where do you work, I want to know so I can check myself in and see if I can get you to be.uhmmm... naighty?

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