Taboo? TaBOO!  

NaughtyMplsMan 45M
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7/6/2006 1:31 pm

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Taboo? TaBOO!

I am guessing that we have all done a thing or two that could be considered taboo . . but what is taboo to you? (say that 10 times fast). How do you define something as taboo or not? I've always thought that something was taboo if it's something that the majority of society would frown upon or consider wrong. I don't know if that is accurate enough or not though . . . because if that was the case, I'd be committing taboo acts almost hourly Anyone have a better definition than that, and/or have you ever done something that is considered taboo? And if so, what? (if you'd like to share your story).
Yes, I frequently perform acts that are considered taboo
I have done one or two things that could be considered taboo
I have never, ever, EVER done anything that could ever be considered taboo
I am not sure if I have done anything taboo or not (which means that you probably have)

NyteLord98 50M

7/6/2006 2:17 pm

I am an honest person, and one that enjoys life. Most things that are discussed on these sites are taboo to someone, however my life choice may be concidered taboo by many. Then again Christianity is taboo to an Athiest. I say fuck and be friends.

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