Why Do SOME Men Feel The Need To "Ask" For Sex???  

NaughtyKittyII 44F
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2/28/2005 7:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why Do SOME Men Feel The Need To "Ask" For Sex???

I've got yet another problem People....

I have this sexual partner, who doesn't understand the importance of sometimes just keeping his mouth SHUT. When he wants sex from me, he always finds the need to "ask" me first. And I HATE IT!!! In all of the years that I've been involved with him, I've more than once, told him how unnecessary that often is. He'll often say something like this..."So...are you going to give me some today or not???" And I REALLY HATE IT!!! What's appealing about that proposal??? What was supposed to make me HOT??? LOL Now, Ladies, I ask you...who is REALLY turned on by a statement like that??? I know sometimes you men don't know EXACTLY when we women are in the mood but for me...if I'm already in the mood and we've possibly already talked of "fucking"...then there should be nothing more to say...JUST DO IT!!!

I've even told him how his "asking" turns me off...how I feel like a man should be a man and sometimes just "TAKE IT"...if a man knows his partner well, then he also knows how much he can actually get away with and if she does/doesn't enjoy his being forceful with her...(and this is something that he's known about me for decades...LOL...SERIOUSLY) ME...I enjoy switching roles between DOM and SUB...I've become so used to being the DOM...that I'm now in the mood for someone else to take control and matters into they're OWN hands...however, I enjoy being with this person. I just wish he'd "listen" to me. I'd really hate to let him go...Some men often like to think that their women don't have the same thoughts as they do...but WE DO. It all comes down to communication. Talk to your women...find this things out. I'm sure if you "ask" the right questions...she'll give you the answers you seek...(as long as you're not going to be "judgmental" that is). Keep an OPEN MIND...try not to be too shocked at what you may hear. But when one of the partners in a relationship isn't listening to the needs of the other...problems will most certainly insue. Remember People...COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!!

I've even further explained how I'm MORE turned on by his being forceful and dominant and he just still doesn't get it!!! What more can I tell this guy short of "WE'RE THROUGH"???


Now...You All Enlighten Me!!!

Kisses XOXO


richardlv2 82M
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2/28/2005 6:44 pm

you sound healthy.
he sounds like he is stuck somewhere back in his childhood with a domineering mother.

djkozzmx 42M

3/1/2005 12:16 am

Sorry Kitty, some men are still just fools. And of course, just look into my eyes and tell me what do you want Exactly like Nike slogan

redswallow777 48M
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3/1/2005 6:35 am

"So...are you going to give me some today or not???" It sounds like he is whining...not very pleasant to hear or deal with. I think you are right on with this one.

Elysium7 52M/44F

3/1/2005 12:24 pm


rm_Lickableones 58M/35F
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3/1/2005 5:10 pm

I'm the same way. I like my man to take control and just take it sometimes. If you aren't getting what you need, it may just be time to move on.

SuthnSatisfier 37M

3/2/2005 1:22 am

I agree with Lickable, it would seem the partner you have chosen just is not willing to be aggressive enough for your taste. Believe me, there are men out there who are sexually driven enough to ride you up against the wall the instant they hit the door, withtout being as timid about what they want. Just keep your eyes open, dont have to pick a crazy one, there are men who are gentlemen, and yet flexible enough to be dominant when you want them to be.

SigEp4U 42M

3/3/2005 11:05 am

Thanks for the insight... who knows if I stick around here long enough I might learn a thing or two yet.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks


thetigress68 48F

3/3/2005 2:52 pm

I really think there are two things at work here. First is that men hate rejection. He does not want to come on to you in a sexual manner and be told not tonight. there are probably many scenarios running around his head and he wants to make sure it is OK to run with them. It is a blow to the male ego to have these thoughts and then have them crushed by rejection. The second thing that may be going on is the fact that society has BEBALLED men as of late. All day long men are told that they are bad for being male. They are told that they need to ask, they need to make sure the woman wants it, or they are evil rapsits! What man wants to be thought of as a thoughtless bastard who has violated a womans body? Lets face it we women can change our minds at the drop of a hat, and what may have been cool with us on monday can be totaly uncool on Tuesday. So the male goes with what was good in the past and gets in trouble because it is no longer the case. Yes you can tell him thats what I like, but these negative feelings towards men have there effects!

pbone 42M

3/26/2005 6:52 am

You are right about one thing we dont know exactly when some of you ladies or in the mood, becauce my wife is that way and someting that can be a turn off for men also. But me i am all ways in the mood, and so most of the time i take it!!! some men don't understand that when you take it women like that s*@# , becauce all the while women are waiting for a man to do that any way. Then you really find out how freaky you are. On the other hand men like for women to show us what they working with. Of course you can't throw us aginst the wall and bend us up in a ball, but you can bite it, pull it, ride it, and curl our toes up to our kneecap LOL You seem like a woman that a man can have alot of fun with

pabilsag 47M
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4/22/2006 2:13 am

This look like an old situation, maybe he's just to confident,thinking that if he's summissed enough you won't run away,some guys can be rough with a stranger in the streets but don't feel quite comfortable doing it to his partner.Maybe you should gets some cuffs and tell him you want to play the convict and he the guard,imagination brings out some devils sometimes, good luck.

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