My "First Ohio" Meet And Greet!!!  

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2/20/2005 2:04 am

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My "First Ohio" Meet And Greet!!!

Tonight I attended my very first Meet and Greet here at Ohio. I just got in about 30 minutes ago and felt compelled to add a new post about the event.

I'd received an open invitation, via email from another member requesting my attendance, if by chance I were free. Though, I'd made prior plans for the evening...they fell through; which left me the option of attending this event. I was told that the party should begin around 8pm but with my last minute indecisiveness...I ended up not ariving until well after 11...more like 12mid.

Before even attempting to take that ride for nothing, I decided to call the hotel where the festivities were being held simply to confirm. Now, I'm thinking "how do you ask the desk clerk whether there is a group of swingers and such throwing this big orgy???"...LOL Who do you ask for??? Because all I had was a "handle"...LOL

However late...when I arrived the party was still alive and in full swing. I slid into a booth, but not before ordering 2 drinks and mingled with the peeps. There was another event taking place and they too had drifted into the lounge to partake of the drink and dance. Though, yet and still even among the smoke-filled crowded room, AFFers were distinguishable...simply by the name tags some of them wore. Not all of them actually wore I kinda hung back and found myself in conversations with the nearest individuals to me, who ended up being fellow members. A live band performed while in between sets a DJ "mixed" things up a bit. And that was pretty much that!

Regardless if I engaged in any type of sexual act or not...a party is still a party and I indeed enjoyed myself. I'd love to hear about someone else's first Meet and Greet experience. Maybe we could swap a few stories. Just because this was my "first" Meet and Greet in Ohio...doesn't mean that it was my "first"...

Kisses XOXO


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