Is She An "Easy" Mark???  

NaughtyKittyII 44F
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3/10/2005 7:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is She An "Easy" Mark???

This goes out to the LADIES on the site...Though men are encouraged to respond...PLEASE!!! We're curious and want to know what we're doing to make you perseve us as such...This is in no ways a GOOD THING...

What is the deal with SOME men??? You know the ones...The ones who think that just because you've been polite to them...responded to their emails or even given them your email or Messenger ID; that you're some kind of FREAK that will just meet with every TOM, "DICK", and HARRY, simply because???

This is something that I simply can't figure out. I've been approached by many individuals and it still seems to baffle my mind how EASY they think SOME of the women are here. Though, some of them are (presenting themselves as such), deceiving SOME, while placing monetary demands on others). SOME may be...while others ARE NOT...namely ME!!!

I've frequently been asked the question...."What Are You Doing On AdultFriendFinder???" And my response is always the same..."The same reason you are!!!"

So what is so difficult for THEM
to understand. Don't "they" know that women have the right to CHOOSE...CHOOSE whom we'll involve ourselves with??? Do "they" not know that SOME women are much more cautious and will just not meet with whomever asks them???

Just to put it out there...I'm going to let you all know...that when someone emails me...I respond to most, if not all of my emails, and in a polite way. And, if you're "lucky" enough to get any of my Messenger were just that..."lucky". Meaning, I have some interest in you and could possibly wish to pursue it.

I lead no one on and feel that it is a waste of BOTH of our times...

I want to hear what you all have to say about this...REAL WOMEN like myself are getting a VERY BAD !!!

'Til Then...Kisses XOXO


SigEp4U 42M

3/10/2005 10:17 am

I can only guess at what other men are thinking... my best guess is that, probably a lot of the men on this site... are not picky.

Meaning if it's of the right gender, has a heartbeat, legs (well legs may not even be a requirement), and a hole... there willing to stick their dick in it.

I think that since they feel this way... they assume that naturally a woman on this site would feel the same way...

I would say that your typical man would be just fine and dandy if the following were the case...

"Hey, there's 365 days in a year... I have 365 contacts on my hotlist... therefore I should be able to be with a different lady every day of the year."

In your case I would say that the men that are approaching you in this manner have seen your pics, may have read your blog, thought you were attractive... and that's all it takes.

I think that I am starting to ramble... but I guess what I am trying to say is that most guys are not as choosy or care if they have a one night stand or not...


redswallow777 48M
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3/10/2005 11:45 am

Yup....seeing women, or men for that matter, as easy "sex crazed" marks is neither respectful nor logical.

roguelover11 48M

3/10/2005 2:43 pm

just a thought, add to your profile that only courteous and well mannered men will be responded to and that a one night stand or just a sex fling is not what your after. On this site men think if you are here you are here for one reason.....TO GEY LAID! So be up front and let them know HOW you want to be treated and if they don't, don't answer their emails.

JinnsAlignTiles 42F

3/10/2005 7:59 pm

I feel you. I get the craziest emails and I have learned to trust my instinct on who is too clingy and who is looking for the same things I want.

I am definitely picky, and I love the fact I can least see what I choose to deal with. I think it is the control factor.

Anywoo, keep it going........

rm_Dreamer6955 61M
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3/11/2005 8:32 pm

Hate to say it but a lot of the guys online are thinking with the wrong head. Many more things will develop if you are honest and truthful with a lady, a true friendship is better than a one nighter.
The horny guys forget what a relationship is about, and just want the quick way out. They don't want to be bothered getting to know someone.

eyekandi20 32F

3/13/2005 11:50 pm

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have had many men IM me and just say "hey when are we gonna meet?" I dont want to meet with just anyone i consider myself a safe person and i am careful who i pick to meet or for that matter even talk to. After all is said and done most of the men get mad and say i am just talk but hey i am sorry i dont intend on sleeping with everyone that contacts me. So i say congradulations and keep it up dont change a thing about you.

rm_AMIE29 43F

3/15/2005 8:15 am

Hiya! Kitty ... you have a remarkable way with words honey! I get a lot of idiots unable to read my profile correctly......i send them dirty pics alright....a nice close up of my neighbours baby sons `dirty` diaper`.Usually does the trick.
Take care sweetie!

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