How Bad Does It REALLY Suck...When A Loved One Leaves???  

NaughtyKittyII 44F
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12/6/2005 6:29 pm

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4/7/2006 3:31 pm

How Bad Does It REALLY Suck...When A Loved One Leaves???

This is a dramatic question that I need answered!!! For some, the absence of a loved one can be quite traumatic...while for others the absence of such a person may seem irrelevant. And I don't mean by death...simply when a relationship seems as if it will come to an end and sometimes does....I've recently experienced some things and am currently preparing to "experience" another. Tell me how you can relate to this or me.

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12/6/2005 6:57 pm

ya its hard to do. starting over is the worst part

coach82961 55M

12/6/2005 7:12 pm

to the ones the loss is traumatic could be a varity of reasons; the idea you failed at something. In which case no one in that position should feel that way because everything in life changes, there is nothing we can do about that. Another reason may be the feeling of rejection, no one likes the idea they are insignificant. And because everything changes in life so do our tastes. Not to say we don't enjoy eating the same thing for the rest of our lives...but sometimes I think it's good to taste a little more just to make sure.

rm_ambu252 44M
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12/6/2005 7:22 pm

It sucks real bad. My wife of 12 years and I split in September of 2004 and it hurt, What hurts even more is she left me for a so called friend who hung out with us all the time. Over the past year we got divorced in July of 2005 but she would always keep coming around staying late and spending the night and having sex. She would tell me that we were back together and wanted to move back with our children I was so happy. Until two weeks ago when they got kicked out of there apartment and moved into his aunts basement. Now shes mean as hell and rubbing everything in my face. So yeah it hurts like hell if you truley love the person it hurts bad, I thought the pain would be easier as time went on but it only gets worse.

rm_OFun1000 53M

12/7/2005 5:33 am

i've had a similar experience, i find if you've been with someone along time and were in real love the absence of that person is like experienceing a one time event like the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen and knowing no two are a like and you'll never have that moment again.But on the other hand if losing a love seems irrelevant i would think either the mental relationship ended long before two people have parted or it wasn't real any way which is very sad.If your position is the loss of your sunset remeber after it rains there are rainbows just as pleasing and memerable as a sunset. Maybe your guy was just holding you for me "smile".If you would just like to talk sometime drop me a line.


vixenslounge 49M/48F

12/7/2005 8:46 am

unfortunatly,i've experienced this scenario,too many times for my liking.i feel that i would rather experience a loved one passing ,then to know that this person that love so much is just leaving,i feel its harder to get over,knowing that their just going on with their lives without least in death ,(for me anyway)i can have that closure knowing that their in a better place and i can still talk with them,where as when someone you love leaves....all in all i do believe that things happen for a reason and although your in pain right now you will overcome it and move on.this is how a person grows in life,and you'll become stronger within yourself,im not saying to be cold and distance yourself,but move on with the knowledge of what you experienced,in my partings i have learned and im a better person because of that and hopefully you will too.what kept me going ,is that i do understand that things happen for a reason and that there is someone whom you'll be more compatible with out there,be strong and hold your head up,because for every heartache ...there is love,and it will happen .again.

waitforthebest 50M

12/8/2005 3:54 am

Hello kitten.I can relate to what you are talking about on several levels.I am recently divorced but i think more importantly i lost a love.Love comes to us in many stages.Just as friendship does.There are people that you becomes friends with that no matter if you do not see them for months or years your friendship can remain strong and others need nurturing daily or monthly to remain strong.I think determining what each indivdual need is a neccessary ingriedent for every relationship.we all know it is a give and take.But when one end it is hardest on the person that know deep down that they did not give it there all for it to work.i am rambling and i am sorry.I would love to talk to you in person.You are a very real and intelligent woman that i would love to get to know on at least a level 3 friendship...LOL

bigdaddy6882 48M  
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12/11/2005 2:13 pm

Hello Kitten, I understand where your coming from. It's always hard when someone you love and care for steps out of your life. But we forget is that everyone is not ment for us or to stay in our lives forever. Sometimes we grow apart, we don't like it but it just happens as we grow as a person. But try not to get to down cause tomorrow is a brand new day and a lot to look forward to.

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