A Walk In The Park...  

NaughtyKittyII 44F
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4/3/2006 9:53 am
A Walk In The Park...

I’m walking down the street with these pants on that make my ass look amazing and a white skin tight tube top, with no bra. Coming up on me, you stop me and ask if I knew where a particular store is. You don’t appear to be too sure as to its location, though I’m sure that I do. But then I notice you staring at your breasts...you can see my nipples straining at my tube top. I see that your member is excited to see them...my buddies... too, so you ask if I would join you for a walk. About 10 min later we’re on a park bench and we are talking about sex when you start kissing me and sucking on my neck. Your hand finds its way up my shirt, grabbing my tits, then you slowly pull down my halter top. And all the while, there are a few people watching us. You notice this but that doesn’t stop you. You start sucking on them and licking around my taunt nipples.

My nipples are hard and erect like pencil erasers. You suck one nipple in your mouth and roll it around a little, then bite it gently with your teeth. I whimper in pleasure more so than from the sting of the pain. My breathing starts getting a little deeper...more shallow, as I feel my juices begin to flow between my legs. You reach over and plant your hand right on my pussy and begin to massage me through my pants. People walk by and look at us but I don’t care and really like the attention. As you continue to suck my tits, I reach down and begin to stroke your growing cock and you start to really get excited. We go on for a few more minutes and you tell me that you have to fuck me now.

We move off the park bench and go behind a stand of bushes so we are not out in front of everyone. Or so we think. You bend me over, grab hold of the top of my pants, loosen them and slide them down my legs in one quick motion. I have on a g-string and you push it aside and push two fingers into my dripping pussy. I begin to squeal with delight and buck back against your hand. You play with my love button and then bring your mouth up to my throbbing pussy lips. You taste my sweet pussy and with that I climax and fill your mouth with my honey.

Now it’s my turn. I tell you to stand up and for you to undo your pants and they fall to the ground. I get down on my knees and kiss the head of your gorgeous cock. You want me to suck it but I take it ever so slowly. Anticipation can be a motherfucker!!! I lick around the head, playfully teasing you, then the sides, stopping at your balls. I suck your balls and stroke your cock. Then I return back to the head. You can take it no more. You grab the back of my neck and push your cock into my waiting mouth. With two or three strokes you have me deep-throating your ample pole. I suck you and you start humping my face. This is great!!!. You look over to the side and see a construction sight next door. Little did we know but our move behind the bushes put us in front of about a dozen workers who are now stopped dead in the tracks watching me go down on your meat.

“One of them yells out when you going to fuck her?” With that I pull away, turn around and beg you to shove your cock inside of me. You grab my ass and guide your member to the entrance of my pussy. With a push forward by you and back by me, your cock impales me. We fuck for about 5 minutes. Don’t want any officers on foot-patrol to interfere and ruin the whole thing! The whole time the workers are cheering us on. We both get hotter and hornier and then we climax together and fill my kitty with a mix of both your juices and mine. What a great afternoon!!!


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