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NastyGirl20032 37F
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6/29/2006 9:44 am

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6/29/2007 1:42 pm

Dick Shots

While browsing through this site, I notices alot of pics of men with small penises. I was wondering do they get emails or winks? I mean, if I were on here looking for some dick, I definitely would not go for the litte one. Yet, there are still men on here showing there little pee-pees...lol Which means, there are some women or men who prefer small cocks. My question is why?
I have been blessed with a man who is extremely well endowed, and I have had only one bad experience with an itty bitty man (he hyped hisself up to be something to be reckoned with but in actuallity, he was no bigger than my middle finger). Once I saw how small it was, I immediately got up, dressed and out the door. Anyway, how do women and men put up with little ones. Do they cheat (I would), or do they just grin and bare it.

Mr_Wall_St 32M

6/29/2006 10:20 am

I would thnk grin, bare, and laugh at it. To be honest I've been wondering the same thing in general about the men on this site and some of the women here too. But let's stay focused on the Dick Shots.

The dick shots are numerous and shameless, but you don't see many shots of the face at all for anyone. Body shots are even more the rare. So, I cannot answer your question because why would a woman want something so small that a finger can be substituted. Is it really sex if something like that goes in a woman and she uses a tampon? LoL REALLY!?

My point is that it goes along with the ignorant mentality of the majority of members here. Apparently those men want to be perceived as nothing but a dick shot. That is simply a shame that they don't realize it. I don't know if those ppl get winks or messages and find it degrading to advertise a person's dick to the whole website. There's nothing special in that sense to what that person has to offer for he is offering it to ALL.

I haven't even touched the whole scenario where maybe those members want to be humiliated. The world is a kinky and strange place.

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