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6/19/2006 9:53 am

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Friday night was great. I met a "friend" for appetizers and drinks at the Friday's downtown. I wasn't drunk but I was feeling just right. So was she. After we left, we went cruising around the city. First on U street, then Adams Morgan, which lead us right to Georgetown. We were chatting the whole time, about our first times (with a guy and a girl), most memorable experiences, etc. Well, it must have been the mood in the air or the 2 Long Island Ice Teas, but i was really in the mood for some pussy. So while she was driving, I began to play with her nipples. She told me to stop because she was driving. Of course I didn't. While playing with her nipples, I started rubbing on her thigh. She told me I was making her wet. So I told her to spread her legs (did I mention that she had on a skirt). She hesitated at first but then followed orders. I played with her pussy thru her panties. They we getting soaked. I told her to pull over into an alley near M Street. I pulled her panties to the side and played in her pussy. I fingered her slow with 1 finger then 2, then hard with 3. She was moaning and making all sorts of noises. I was sucking her titties (and they were huge, maybe 40DD), she said she wanted me to eat her. Shit, she did not have to ask twice. We went to the back seat. I leaned her back and ate her. She came all in my mouth. She wanted more. I told her no. You always have to leave them wanting more. Needless to say, she made an "appointment" for next Friday.

Saturday was ok. I met "Sandra" at her house in Fairmont Heights. She had made Spaghetti. We sat and ate. Then we snuggled up on the couch and watched movies. I began softly touching her everywhere. I kissed her on her neck and asked what did she want to do. She told me she wasn't in the mood yet. She was lying though because she took off her bra when I was rubbing on her, and, she was moaning. But I digress, so I put my hand down her pant and she was wet. As I expected. She took off her pants. I played with her pussy for a long time because she kept saying she was not ready yet, but her pants and panties were off. So I was trying to do everything to her pussy to make her ready. She even let me stick my fingers in her ass, and still not ready. Finally my hands got tired after fingeringer her and playing with her clit and ass. So, I left out the room and went to the bathroom. I strapped up and went out there. She was still naked on the couch in the living room, wet as ever. I told her to bend over, so she did. I fucked her until she couldn't take it anymore. She came twice. She said she did not expect that out of me. I told her that I was a force to be reconned with. Needless to say, she wants a mid-week "appointment".

Sunday was Father's Day. So me and my man spent all day together. I won't bore you all with the details, because I know that is not what you came here for. What I will say is that it was absolutely beautiful. I bought him some clothes and cologne. And he was so happy. Needless to say, he has an open "appointment".

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6/19/2006 11:01 am

Nice story. but are u always the aggressor? have you ever gotten your man involed with one of your other appointments? Please bore me with the details.

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