Taking Pleasure With One's Friends  

NamasteDarling 61M
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3/20/2006 8:29 pm
Taking Pleasure With One's Friends

According to the Kama Sutra, a man may seek out a woman who is a friend to be his partner in pleasure. Such a friend may be "enjoyed", but a man should only seek out such a friend if she has certain qualities.

The following are of the kind of friends for love making:

* One who has played with you in the dust, i.e. in childhood
* One who is bound by an obligation
* One who is of the same disposition and fond of the same things
* One who is a fellow student
* One who is acquainted with your secrets and faults, and whose faults and secrets are also known to you
* One who is a child of your nurse
* One who is brought up with you one who is an hereditary friend

These friends should possess the following qualities:

* They should tell the truth
* They should not be changed by time
* They should be favourable to your designs
* They should be firm
* They should be free from covetousness
* They should not be capable of being gained over by others
* They should not reveal your secrets

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