A Precious Pearl, by any other name...  

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3/21/2006 4:27 pm

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A Precious Pearl, by any other name...

I have always wondered why our society associates the same words that we use for sexuality, with insults, aggression, and violence. We say "Fuck you!", call someone a Prick", or a "Cunt", or a "Cocksucker", always with malice and negative intentions. Yet, these are the same words that we use to describe the physical organs and actions involved in the most joyful, pleasant, and fulfilling physical activities known to human beings. No wonder we have such screwed up (oops...there I go again...) cultural ideas about sexuality.

Compare this aggressive, mean spirited approach to naming sexual organs and activities, with some of the beautifully poetic words used in the ancient Taoist texts on the Bedroom Arts.


Clouds and Rain
Firing the Cannon
Friendly Relations


Sipping the Vast Spring


Blowing the Flute

The Penis:

Jade Stem
Jade Implement
Yang Peak
Yang Weapon
Turtle Head
The Ambassador

The Vagina:

Jade Gate
Little Stream
Deep Valley
Hidden Place
Celestial Palace
Golden Gulley
Jade Vein

The Clitoris:

Jade Terrace
Precious Pearl Seed
Yin Bean
Lute Strings
Divine Field

I don't know about you, but that just seems much more civilized to me.


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