The Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 2  

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The Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 2

Cheiri stirred in the tub. She opened her eyes, and began the process of reacquiring herself which she always had to do whenever she put herself into this trance. The water had cooled now to the point that she would begin to get chilly if she stayed in it for much longer.

“A little while longer” she thought, but pulled the rubber stopper in the tub with her big toe wrapped around the chain. The water began to drain and, as skin was exposed to air, goose bumps began to sprout on her body. She sat up still a bit mystified, as she always was, by this experience, and hugged herself. She sat for a few moments this way, feeling the water slowly sink down her waist, feeling the blossoming goose bumps invigorate her over-heated flesh; and she collected her thoughts.

She new instinctively that the person emerging from the tub was substantially different from the one who got in it. The transformation really began when she got the warm feeling in her belly on the way up the back fire escape. She had then begun acting in a way to discard her day to day self; the one who worked a job every day to the best of her ability, the one who grocery shopped at Gene Walters, and did her laundry at Soap n’ Suds, and the one who generally walked through life virtually unnoticed by the people surrounding her.

She knew for instance, that were she to walk to Gene Walters right now, everyone she passed would find some reason to talk to her. She new as well that she could not allow this to happen. That the transformation of herself was fragile, and that every word spoken would bring her inexorably back to her daily being.

She got out of the tub, and toweled herself dry. Picked up her vibrator, rinsed it in the sink, and put it away in the medicine cabinet. She wrapped the towel around herself, picked up her glass and headed to the kitchen for a refill. All the while virtually no conscious thought had passed through her mind. In a dim distant part of herself she was aware of what she was doing, but her actions were now almost completely directed by the course she had plotted when she decided she needed something to ward off the winter gloom.

A fresh glass of whiskey in hand, she sat before her computer and fired up the internet. She went to ‘AdultFriendFinder. com’ toggled to her network, and e-mailed “ Need someone tonight”, to her group of ‘friends’. That accomplished she sat back, took a sip of whiskey, closed her eyes and waited for a response.

Cheiri had known for the last six years that when she got herself into this state she exuded a power over others that even the impersonal medium of the internet would not nullify, and that her terse “Need someone tonight,” would be all the message she would need.

She had known also that taking the bath and performing her meditation before searching for some companionship tonight would cause some difficulties. She was confronted with one of them now. The simple act of communication that typing “Need someone tonight”, had fractured the fragile shell of her mental /physical state. She knew how to manage this, and knew also that
by the time she found people to play with she would have to manage several more such fractures. The way she managed it was simply to play with herself. Relaxing comfortably in her chair in front of the computer; sipping whiskey and diddling, she allowed herself to drift back....

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4/5/2005 10:49 am

Oh my, what a waste....going back over your previous posts I am pleasurably surprized to find very appealing erotic stories. Is it true so many visit and don't leave comments?

I enjoyed the stories....are they real or fantasy? I take it the naked lovers are a couple. Who is the writer...or do you both write?

Thank you again...I will be back.

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