Kayak Rendevous  

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3/2/2005 1:54 pm

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Kayak Rendevous

It is difficult to tell a brief story about sex. Seems sort of disappointing; like two minute sex. The thing to do then is get something started, and hope for some enlightened responses.

Here Goes...

Me and my love were under a fine Willow tree on the banks of the Chicohonomy river one steaming, sunny summer day, relaxing after a picnic lunch we had packed for our Kayak camping weekend. Neither of us wore much in the way of clothing, a light sweat glistened on our tan bodies. We were laying on a blanket in the shade on a sandy beach formed in the lee of a sharp bend of the river.

A bottle of wine had us loose and adventuresome, and our slow lazy petting-which we were always about whenever we lay next to one another-was beginning to have us contemplating removing what little clothing we had on, when we heard female laughter just up stream around the bend.

Shortly a of canoe came into view, bearing a very naked couple. They came ashore on the upstream end of the beach we were laying on. They got out of their canoe, naked and glorious, still unaware of us laying in the shade. I was just considering how to let them know we were there, before they discovered they were not alone, when the life of my party stood up, removed her swimsuit and strode proudly from under the tree.

I quickly decided ‘when in Rome...’ and removed my trunks, following her out. The two noticed us walking toward them with a look of embarrassed astonishment, a slow realization that we were also nude, and a dawning appreciation for what I hope was the fine sight we made.

My love quickly introduced us, and said “We have a couple more bottles of wine, a little food, and a comfortable blanket under the tree. Would you care to join us?”

They enthusiastically agreed and we all headed for the shade. We sat in a circle, boy girl, Indian style, our knees lightly touching the knees of our neighbor...

OK now lets see where this goes. Imagine yourself as one of the people in the other couples and advance the story. We’d love to hear how others think this fantasy could play out...

lookin4some1105 46M
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3/4/2005 11:45 am

Alright I will play along sounds like fun.

So I can't help but stare at our beautiful hosts while they open a bottle of wine.

We share the bottle and the introductory conversation that goes along with this situation.

With the electricity that is flowing through the continious circle builds the arousal or is that the wine? Or Both.

Until I either drift into a daydream or actually do feel a hand from the person on either side start to caress me in the the most playful and pleasurable way.

Real or not, I don't want it to stop, so I turn to reciprocate and my eyes are treated to quite a feast.

So I will leave it there and see where it goes

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