Imagine part 2  

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Imagine part 2

As the boat is started once again and the mooring loosed, you retrieve some strawberries and whipped cream from the cooler, and one of the others gets out some cheese and crackers. The boat gets underway again but slowly this time. The breeze has kicked up the sea’s a bit and there is no point in an uncomfortable ride. You can’t dive again for about an hour, and the next sight is only about forty five minutes at a fast idle.

Along the way you are feeding strawberries and whipped cream, or cheese and crackers to each other, and all the while you are touching each other. The touching is not aggressive, nor is it accidental. One of the men takes a strawberry heaped with whipped cream, and offers it to the black woman. Rather than taking it in her hand or mouth, she quite deliberately leans over and touches her erect nipple to the cream. She then plucks the strawberry from his hand and pops it into his mouth. She wipes the cream from her breast with a long delicate finger and slurps it off, leaving just a bit in the corner of her mouth, which she then very slowly and gracefully licks clean.

You all applaud this performance and immediately begin to attempt to out do it. The rest of the ride to the next sight, the dive, and the ride to the sight after that is a continual acceleration of the excitement, until, during the last dive you are all under water hugging and “dry” humping each other. This is a new feeling for you; weightless group groping. There are people above, below, and beside you all spinning in a swirl of underwater ecstasy.

The first overt sex occurs on the trip home. The girl who is part of the host couple, kneels between the forward benches and takes one of the men into her mouth. Like popping the cork of a champaign bottle, this action releases a burst of sexual delirium, and quickly, five of the six of you are entwined. You notice the poor soul who is piloting the boat is excluded, and disentangle yourself- somewhat unwillingly- to go relieve them.

You are rewarded with viewing one of the most satisfying group sex scenes you have witnessed. No porn movie can ever eclipse what you are now watching. They are groping each other almost desperately, like they are trying to climb inside of each other. Now one of the women mounts a man and invites another man to enter her from behind. As he enters her she emits a low groan of pain/pleasure, and squeezes the man beneath her tightly. The man on her back squeezes them both, and the last two wrap the three of them in their arms and squeeze. They are all in motion and the boat is in motion and soon the girl screams. Then she sighs a quivering sigh, and they all separate. Now they begin to address one another one at a time. One is laying across the benches and the others begin to caress them. When one is satisfied another takes their place.

So engrossed in this are you that you just notice you are approaching the channel that leads to the inland waters, and there are other boats approaching yours. With some difficulty you get the attention of the others, and hurriedly you all begin to search for, and to put on your sarongs. Disheveled and happy you and your gang enter the channel. The boat owner takes the helm from you and you join the others in the bow. You look a question at them, “Are you finished?” and you think to yourself “ God I hope not”, for you are as aroused as you have ever been.

You sigh in relief when a hand touches your leg and moves up your inner thigh. The others begin to fondle each other discretely where they sit, barley containing their laughter as other boats pass in the opposite direction, the people on them waving happily at you oblivious to what is happening just below their sight-line.

It is now late afternoon, and your plan is to go to the house, clean the gear, shower, put on some clothes, and go out for dinner and drinks. You feel reluctant now to follow through with this plan. You would rather just have sex.

One of the others asks if there is any beer in the cooler. You check and, surprised say no. Somehow in the midst of all that sex they had managed to drink a twelve pack. You see the opening you need to forestall other plans.

“Lets go to the Carribean Club and pick up some beer and rum runners on the way home” you say.

“Great,” they chime in at once. It seems there is no need for forestalling after all. “To the Carribean Club Captain!” Says one of the guys.

“What about how we are dressed?” asks one of the women. The host’s laugh, “This is Florida!” they say, “the locals expect visitors to behave strangely.”

On the way, you dig in to the first aid kit to collect the money kept hidden there. Arriving at the dock you see that the locals have already begun to gather for sundown. You and your recently sated love head up the dock for the bar. You both get appreciative hoots from the men and women on shore. Maybe they can tell from your appearance what has been going on and know instinctively what will soon be going on again.

You make it to the bar and order up a dozen each; beer, and a rum runners. The bartender raises his eyebrows at the size of the order but turns to mix the drinks. He has to find lids and a box for you to carry them in, and he bags your beer. On the way out, the thickening crowd really hoots and hollers now, because they see the load of drinks and are sure they know what you are up to.

As you approach the dock your friends on the boat begin to flash the crowd. The girls are opening their sarong’s and the guys are lifting theirs. This action causes the crowd to go wild. They are cheering now and screaming “Take it off!”. As you reach the boat your friends oblige the crowd and drop their sarong’s. You hand the drinks to them and decide what the hell, and drop your’s right on the dock. Your love follows suit. Now there are three proud erections silhouetted by the setting sun, and three women unabashedly holding them.

The crowd is now chanting, “Do it, do it, do it,” and to your surprise one of the women drops to her knees and begins a vigorous blow job on her man. You see him respond to this and almost reluctantly begin to move against her. His excitement is growing and so is that of the crowd. they are chanting faster and faster, and she is responding with more , and more vigorous stroking.

Eventually the rhythm is more than she can keep up with and she places her hand on him and pulls her head back. He is fucking her hand and open mouth now; he has lost any inhibition or control he had. She gives him a couple of fast strokes with her hand and he cums.

From were you are standing on the dock you see his sperm, black in silhouette, but glinting around the edges, splatter her face. Though the crowd is a good distance away, they either see the same thing or else they sense what just happened. For they are utterly quiet now. Then they applaud. The applause grows to a crescendo and you begin to here bravo, and encore.

You decide to get on the boat then and there, for two reasons: One is that you find yourself wanting to perform for the crowd, and the other is that you just want to get the hell out into the sound and pick up where you and your friends left off.

The others must feel the same because they are untying the boat, and casting off. The couple who had just provided such explicit entertainment for the crowd clamor onto the stern and bow as the boat moves out from the dock. The cheering erupts anew, but fades rapidly as the boat picks up speed heading into the setting sun.

It is a short fast trip out of Blackwater sound and into Florida bay, and you collect your thoughts along the way. Never in your wildest, most extreme fantasies had you ever imagined being involved in something like what just happened. Yet you find yourself excited in a way you have never experienced in a life rich with fantasy. “Well” you think, “ I can sort that out later. Right now I could use one of those drinks”.

You pull two rum runners out of the cooler offering them to the two who performed. They take them and drink deeply. You offer a drink to each of the others, all accepted, and finally pull one out for yourself. The boat is stopped by now; the motor shut down. you are all gathered in a sort of v-shaped circle in the bow. You each silently raise your cups to each other. You gather your thoughts, and say “May we live to be old and senile, but never forget the fantastic day we have shared together. Drink down boys and girls, and lets waste no time getting back to it”.

They sense your need, understanding all that you have witnessed, but not experienced, they enshroud you with themselves, and you descend into their warmth with an almost memory of the womb. And you think to yourself...


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