Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 8  

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Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 8

For their part the two women had been having a glorious time. First woman had at first handled new woman roughly through her clothing. But then she began to strip the clothing off, had settled into a more tender soft teasing. Once she had her naked, first woman went down on new woman. This was the very first time she had done so.

New woman was oblivious to the things happening right next to her with her man, as she was completely absorbed by the little fantastic sensations first woman was causing her to have deep inside. Something about the tunging she was getting was so fresh and new that she didn’t quite know what to make of it. She was just beginning to really get in to it, tensing the strong muscles in her legs, arching her back, and humping the woman’s face, when she was distracted by the moans of the men.

The women were looking a little fearfully at what happened with the men when Cheiri turned to them and without hesitation plunged all four fingers of her cum and juice filled hand into new woman’s dripping pussy. She simultaneously and unceremoniously shoved first woman into position so she could go down on her, her mouth still full of new man’s sperm and her own milk. She squirted the mixed concoction from her mouth into first woman’s twat, then moved her mouth to cover her clitoris and extended her longer than average tung deep into her opening.

The effect was immediate and powerful. Both women went rigid, and began to quiver. They had the sensation of being filled like nothing in their experience, like an enormous cock long and thick was plunging farther into them than wild imagination could perceive. With tidal force Cheiri’s energy entered the women, filling every nook and cranny. It flowed through their vagina’s up into their uterus’, thru the fallopian tube caressing the ovaries, and spreading from there out into their body’s.

The women’s eye’s were wide open, a look of wonder, fear, and exhilaration on their faces. As the energy spread through their body’s, their quivering became a tremble, and finally, an uncontrolled shake. They shook much as the men had, but faster and more violently. The feeling accompanying the shaking was a machine gun staccato, each shudder an orgasm. Thousands of them each lasting a microsecond. And then the energy reached into their brains, and they began to scream.

Their screams were the result of what could be accurately described as a mind fuck. They were seeing things rapid fire, images flickering across the screen of their minds, like a three hour movie viewed and understood in five seconds. And all of these images had an orgasmic intensity that both overwhelmed and expanded their perception of the world and themselves.
The images were at first of themselves, a sort of out of body picture, but quickly it shifted to what they were made up of. First at the cellular level; the make up of their skin, organs, blood and bone. Then of the molecules making up the cells, and finally of the atomic structure underlying it all. They saw themselves anew from this microscopic perspective, shining atomic creatures containing immense, almost unlimited power. The amazing order of the universe was unfolding before their eyes; the beauty and power of that greatest of orgasms, the Big Bang revealed in their minds their own ancient origins.

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