Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 6  

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Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 6

Relaxing briefly, trembling slightly in the afterglow, Cheiri pondered the next move. She went for the quick O with these two partly because the other couple had not showed up at the same time. She believed now that the damned candles were the likely culprit, and that the other couple had probably stopped along the way to get some. They should be showing up soon and there were things Cheiri needed to accomplish.

She turned to the woman trembling beside her, a dazed distant look in her eye’s. She touched the woman’s face lightly, brushing back a bit of disheveled hair. She turned the woman’s face to her and again held her with her eye’s. She hoped to get the woman to answer the door in the same manner she had when the other couple arrived, but was unsure how to communicate that.

The woman solved the dilemma moments later when there was a knock on the door. She arose without prompting to go answer it. Cheiri was encouraged by this action and felt she already had an ally for the upcoming adventure.

It was always Cheiri’s intention when having gatherings such as this, to transfer some of her deep understanding of human sexuality to the couples she was entertaining. As often as not this goal was left unfulfilled. Showing people great sex, and imparting on them deep understanding, were two totally different tasks, and though no one left her home unsatisfied, many left without the completion of fulfillment she was capable of offering. As Cheiri watched the woman head for the door, she knew that this one at least was well on her way to deep understanding and fulfillment.

Before the woman reached the door, Cheiri sat up and pulled the mans foot into her lap. She deftly touched a spot near his instep, firmly but not hard. He had been nearly dozing after his much more powerful than usual orgasm, but Cheiri’s action roused him and he noticed for the first time that his girl was about to open the door. Cheiri touched another spot on his inner thigh. This elicited a short small moan from him and she now had his full attention. She winked at him and gestured for him to watch what happened when his girl opened the door.

The woman was at the door now and she opened it wide just as Cheiri had. But instead of immediately drawing them in, she stepped out into the hallway, and embraced the new woman. She released the embrace shortly and stepping back held the woman’s face with both hands, and kissed her deeply. Only then did she take the woman’s hand and lead her inside.

Cheiri watched what the women were doing peripherally, but was struck by the demeanor of the new man. She sensed immediately that these couples were meeting for the first time, but he showed none of the confusion or apprehension normal to a first meeting. And surprisingly little reaction to the greeting they had received. He followed the women into the room, taking In the scene with a calm assurance and a playful glint in his eye.

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We enjoyed your writings very much, and hope for more of them soon.

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