Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 5  

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Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 5

She rose smoothly to her feet, and still naked walked to the door. She knew by the sound of the knock, that it was Nakedlovers69 on the other side- even though she had never met them. She opened the door wide. The greeting they were prepared to make froze on their lips. Cheiri took a step back before they could regroup and gestured for them to enter.

As they passed her into the room she closed the door and put her back to it. They turned to face her and she held their attention with her eyes. She leaned against the door, placing her hands in the small of her back. Lifting her right leg and placing her foot against her left calf, rotating her knee outward; daring them with her eyes to look at her exposed vagina. The effect on them from this greeting had them stunned into a nervous mute silence, their mouths slightly agape, their minds in obvious turmoil.

Cheiri paused for only a moment in this pose, preferring to move on before their discomfort became embarrassment. She reached down to a table next to the door and picked up her empty glass which she had placed there in her preparations. She moved to the man, lifting the glass to him, which he took. She caressed his hand as she handed it to him, and said “In the kitchen. Help yourself.”

He looked at her with new interest. She could see questions streaking through his features, some answers following, and a small dawning fear. He raised an eyebrow. Got no response; turned to the woman, who nodded. He walked into the kitchen without a word.

Cheiri went immediately but unhurriedly to the woman. She stopped in front of her with less than a foot separating them. At five feet, eleven inches Cheiri was a good six inches taller than the woman. She reached out with her right hand and touched the woman on her cheek with her index and middle fingers, gently lifting her chin with her other two. She looked deep into her eyes, and seeing some acceptance, moved her hand softly down her neck to her collar bone, and across her throat to the right collar of her coat. She moved around the woman until she was behind her, grasping the other collar with her left hand. She lifted the coat off allowing it to drop down, freeing her arms in one smooth unhurried motion. She immediately put her right hand back on the woman at her neck, while draping the coat over a nearby chair with her left. The woman had her hair in a bun, held by a simple pin. Cheiri removed the pin as she moved close, pressing her body tight against her back. She reached around and undid the top button of the dress. She lowered her hands and unfastened the second, but then placed her hands on the woman’s hips.

The dress was a Victorias Secret affair, a peasant/country design tailored to follow the contours of a voluptuous body, without being too tight. It was a mustard color with buttons from the cleavage all the way down the front.

The woman lifted her hands to take over where Cheiri left off, and as she did so, Cheiri stepped back around to face her. Now the woman sought Cheiri’s eyes and held them as she unbuttoned the dress. Cheiri took a step back without breaking eye contact until she could see peripherally the rest of her body. When the woman reached the lowest button she could without bending down, she lifted the dress over her hips to undo the final three, rather than losing the mesmerizing gaze of Cheiri.

Cheiri heard the man in the kitchen getting ready to bring the drinks. She was now in a high state of excitement, both because of the fine beauty of the woman before her, who had now accepted her; and because of the man in the kitchen who was about to. Cheiri knew that he had taken his time getting the drinks ready, trying to sort things out and regain some of the control he felt he had lost. One of the problems with men, Cheiri knew, was that when things happen which they didn’t expect, they feel they have lost control. This one was no different, but she could feel that he would have the ability to abandon control for a time, which was critically important to his own pleasure tonight. She knew she could achieve this and that the time to do so was only moments away.

The woman finished with the last button, just as he came out of the kitchen. He had removed his coat, and had a plain white button down shirt on with the sleeves rolled up. He had one drink in each hand; whiskey on ice in one and a milky drink with ice in the other , which Cheiri knew to be Sobi Banana Blitz and rum. The man had a look of appreciation tinted with apprehension on his face; like he had walked in on something he shouldn’t have. Both women quickly disabused him of this with bright smiles and lustful looks in their eyes.

He handed them their drinks, turned and went back for his own. Cheiri and the woman toasted each other, put down their drinks, and got the woman the rest of the way undressed. The man re-entered the room just as two ravishing women faced him, now equal in their nudity. He had the look of a man determined to say something profound, but he never got the chance.

He had a shot glass in one hand and a lime in the other. Cheiri stepped up to him and plucked the lime out of his hand, gesturing to him to down his shot. As he drank, Cheiri popped the lime into her mouth and chomped down releasing the bitter juices into her mouth. She did not swallow the juice, but continued to chew and mix it with her own saliva. When the man finished the shot, she put one hand behind his head, and kissed him forcefully. She was a little taller than him so she was able to tilt his head back a bit, allowing her to let the lime juice follow her tung into his mouth. As he tasted the juice, he opened his mouth to accept more of her tung, and she then worked the lime itself into his mouth. She pressed her whole body into him, as she deeply french kissed him. She felt him grow erect against her and pressed her pelvis hard against it. She reached a hand out to the woman and drew her in. Cheiri dropped to her knees, and the woman straddled her head grabbed the mans shirt and began to tear the buttons off. Cheiri did the same to his pants. As soon as she got the belt, and the button undone, she tore the pants open destroying the zipper. She yanked the pants down around his knees, and immediately took him into her mouth. The woman had his shirt off and was clawing his back, her vagina grinding on the back of Cheiri’s bucking head.

Cheiri is a strong woman, and she wraps his legs in her arms and lifts him off of his feet without ever removing her mouth from his penis. The woman senses what is happening and steps aside taking his upper body in her arms. She kisses him as the two women move him to the futon. They gently lay him down, Cheiri never once stops moving her head on him. The woman immediately straddles his head, and bends down taking the base of his cock into her mouth. As Cheiri is on an up-stroke the woman slides her mouth up and seamlessly around him as Cheiri disengages to finish removing his pants.

His pants now disposed of Cheiri lifts the woman by her shoulders and mounts the man, descending onto him in one swift plunge. She settles onto him and clenched his hips with her legs; but she does not move beyond that. She begins kissing the woman and it is as if a switch is thrown; a circuit completed, a charge passes out from Cheiri’s mouth, into the woman and through her into the man who cums explosively, and Cheiri cums, and completing the circle the woman cums. Now they are moving, bucking, writhing, thrashing about, but never losing the connection between them, and their motions against each other are beautiful and violent. Their mutual orgasm lasts for almost two minutes in practically agonizing intensity. But finally, slowly their spasms began to subside, and their connection broken; first Cheiri stopped kissing the woman, then the woman rolled off of the mans face, and finally Cheiri, bending to kiss the man’s face and to gently lap up some of the woman’s juices from his lips, she extracted herself and lay between them.

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