Curiosity Continues  

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12/21/2005 2:41 pm

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Curiosity Continues

A week or so after I deleted my AdultFriendFinder profile, the curiosity bug bit me again. I began wondering if CT boy was really giving up his AdultFriendFinder expedition.. or if he just decided he wasn't interested in me. I really shouldn't have cared either way. I mean I didn't like him that way myself, but I guess I was just looking to satisfy my ego.

I was curious to see if he was pursuing anyone, so.... as embarassing as it is to admit , I created a new AdultFriendFinder profile. This profile, however, was not accurate like the one I created when I met CT boy though. In this profile I was 4 inches taller, several dress sizes smaller, and much sexier and more beautiful than the real me.

My reasoning at the time led me to believe it would all be harmless. Throw out a line and see if he would take the bait. If he bit then at least my curiosity is satisfied (ouch - it is me!)....If he didn't, my ego remains unharmed. Either way I would have my answer.

Well he did take the bait (and so did several other men). So I was back to deleting mass e-mails on a daily basis. Opening one or two in search of amusement. (As I stated in my first post... it is really quite shocking and bizzarre to read what some men will put in an introductory e-mail to get you attention.)

Anyway... among all the e-mails wooing the "tall, thin, beautiful me" was one that stood out. There was nothing elaborate about it. Nothing crazy or jaw dropping. It was short and sweet. While Ms. Beautiful's profile said she was looking for someone 6' or taller, this e-mail came from someone who simply asked if 5'9" was a "deal breaker" or not.

For whatever reason, that simple question made me say "awww". And so I responded to him without thinking about the potential consequences down the line. We spoke online a few days later.

Deciding to remain faithful, I figured what would be the harm in speaking to him online once or twice? I was curious about him, and I guess I was also curious to see how my "alternate personality" would be treated as opposed to myself. At the time, I figured we would talk once or twice and then we would lose contact with one another. No harm done.

Couldn't have been more wrong.


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