Some lighter stuff for the submissive...  

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7/26/2006 7:17 pm
Some lighter stuff for the submissive...

This time for the submissive...How to avoid a flogging...ermm how to stay out of trouble ok...nevermind...enjoy the read....

1. Pushing limits does not mean making Master/Mistress so angry that the vein above His/Her right eye throbs.

2. "Quit it!" "OW, Damnit!" "i'm hiding that toy when You go to work tomorrow" and cursing a blue streak are not safe words.

3. "Oh my God, where did you get those. They are gorgeous!!!" is not considered boot worship.

4. "Ya want fries with that?" "Want me to drink it for You too?" are not appropriate remarks when Master/Mistress gives you an elaborate drink

5. Flipping your Master/Mistress off while your hands are cuffed behind your back is a bad idea. Owners have a way of knowing these things.

6. Putting lube, goop, superglue, ink or any other substance that will sully the ________ of Master/Mistress on His/Her toys while setting up for a
session is not a good idea.

7. Kicking the toy you hate far under the bed is futile. Master/Mistress will only secure your wristcuffs to your anklecuffes and make you crawl for it....repeatedly.

8. "Bite me." is NEVER an intelligent response to a command.

9. Doing your Beavis and Butthead imitation of "Fire, fire, fire, fire!" during Master's/Mistress's lecture on fireplay safety is considered rude.

10. Responding with "Yes, All Wise, All Knowing, Grand Imperial Weenie" is not appropriate when Master/Mistress asks you if you are comfortable during a bondage scene.

11. Asking to go to the bathroom every five minutes while Master/Mistress practices His/Her Japanese rope work on you will try His/Her patience....quickly.

12. Crossing your eyes and sticking your tongue out while Master/Mistress is discussing your punishment is not wise.

13. There is no such thing as slave immunity, free slave day, or the PMS defense. The slave jury might not convict you, but the Dom/me judge will override the verdict. Count on it!

14. Pretending Master's/Mistress's collection of buttplugs are toys and singing the "Weebles Wobble but the won't fall down" song is not a good idea.

15. Repeatedly blowing out each candle Master/Mistress lights during wax play will get you punished.

16. Checking Master's/Mistress's head for the 666 symbol after a harsh punishment will only get you more of the same....or worse!

17. "i know You are but what am i?" is not the appropriate response when called a "raunchy little whore" during humiliation play.

18. Using spreader bars, paddles, or canes for the fireplace is not a good plan.

19. "Missed me missed me now ya gotta kiss me!" is an unacceptable remark when Master's/Mistress's flogger slips.

20. When Master?Mistress pulls out his bullwhip and says He/She wants to play, He/She doesn't mean hide-&-seek...He/She WILL find you eventually.

21. Calling Merry Maids when you are ordered to spruce up the place is not what your Master/Mistress had in mind.

22. "Faster faster we need a new Master" is NOT the song to sing during a scene.

23. "Oh and You think i am?" is an unacceptable response to hearing your Master/Mistress say He/She is not pleased.

24. During a play party is not the time to do your hilarious imitation of Igor and hunch over, moaning "Yes Master" when ordered to fetch something.

25. Adding "Sir" "Ma'am "Master" or "Mistress" to "Fuck that!" will not save you.

26. Singing the chorus of "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" under your breath during a session is considered foolhardy.

27. Reciting nursery rhymes during an interrogation scene to crack your Master/Mistress up only lasts for so long. Then you will pay....BIG!

28. Arguing whether "Master/Mistress may not be right, but Master/Mistress is never wrong" is Zen or Buddist philosophy will only get you rewarded with
kneeling in the corner of a bed of Lego's "to help you consider the question in quiet contemplation."

29. Asking "Is that as HARD as you can hit???" is considered a cry for help among submissive suicide prevention workers!

30. Reminding Master/Mistress you are a S/switch will not get you out of trouble for ordering Him/Her around.

31. Rolling your eyes when Sir/Ma'am gives you "That look" is not a good idea.

and last but least....

32. Even if you are fast enough to close the other bracelet of the cuffs around His/Her wrist while He's/She's closing the first one on yours,
you probably shouldn't.

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