NWOntSnowAngel 43F
3 posts
7/8/2006 11:02 pm

Silently from My shadows I watch the world as it moves on without Me. The sinking feeling of it all pulling My heart deeper and further from the surface where it once was. I see Ffriends fading away, Lloves lost and heartache abound. The last piece of My heart is torn away as I watch it all fade from site. Wanting it, willing it, needing it to return, but yet it fades almost as if laughing at Me and My torment and pain. As tears slip down My cheeks the walls are slowly built once more. The fear and aloneness the mortar that holds the bricks secure in thier place. No more will I feel the pain. No more will I let the walls be broken. The wall strong enough now it pushes Me back into the shadows from whence I once came, soon forgotten like a passing breeze...Eternal torment set within My world to remain a constant reminder of why I try not to care and yet fail to stop the walls from falling....Mayhaps this time will be different and the pain will be kept at bay by the walls that surround the place that My heart once beat...

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