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Here's an excerpt from a note I wrote to ANYHOWDOLL:
I know you are a concert pianist but didn't know you are also a painter. People never cease to amaze me. People who have natural talents. I always ask my teenage patient's "What do you want to do for a career?" They usually say something like "I dunno." Then I ask them "What do you like to do the most or have the most fun doing?" Whatever they tell me, I'll tell them to follow that passion. If it is something you like to do so much that you'll do it for free...then DO IT and the money will follow. And when you look back, you'll realize that you've had fun every day and that you look forward to the next day because you know each day brings you more pleasure. So baby, keep playing the 88 and keep painting your favorite colors cuz I can tell from your spirit (the way you write, the way you mention your arts) that there's no stopping you. And if it's too much fun it's got to be good! I'm just thankful to be able to witness it. Thanks..NUBIEFREEDOM

I have seen this over and over again where people compromise their happiness for some materialistic thing: a house, a larger house,etc.. If you should suddenly die, wouldn't it be nice to know that you went HAPPY? Happiness will bring you contentment and this will, in turn, bring you internal peace. The internal peace counteracts or neutralizes the daily stresses which causes diseases such as cancer. So remember, be HAPPY!

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