Once Upon A New Year........  

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1/16/2006 4:50 pm

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7/25/2006 8:33 pm

Once Upon A New Year........

Well, we promised ourselves that we'd try to add more of a bang to this new year. We've screened lots of people that really don't seem to pay any attention to our profile. We've talked to some couples that seem OK at first, then turn into pushy unhappily married psychos. Then there are the single men who think we'll never figure out that there is no female half that is actively participating with them or they are plain out cheating on their wives. Through this wonderful site we've managed to meet one couple that will go down in the record books as flat out insecure and incredibly WEIRD, and you know who you are.....lol!!!! There are a few women that I have had the privilege of speaking to for over the past couple of years too, perhaps one day we will get to meet!!! Recently we thought that AdultFriendFinder had finally proven to be worth the money. We met the most awesome couple who ARE married, play together, are not into drugs or one night stands, and are so sweet and real and great to be around, or so we thought. These people have sent us emails, IMs, and even called our house AFTER told them to leave us alone. We were talking to another couple that has been in our network for a year, and it ended up that they knew this couple too. They were lying to both of us, which is just not cool. When their lies were found out, they started their harassment campaign. Oh the drama of it all. Next step is going to be a restraining order against these people.
We know we've done nothing wrong, and that we've never given anyone reason to question our integrity. I guess we're at fault for being honest all the time. Well, we're not plannin on leaving AdultFriendFinder because some people don't know how to act, and we're certainly not going to change our beliefs for people like that either. We are who we are, and if you don't want honesty, then please don't contact us, that's all we have ever asked of people. Is that so wrong?

Farmgirl35 69F

1/31/2006 11:56 am

We can certainly agree with that and we know just where your coming from

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