Day 8  

NHsunsets 48F
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6/21/2006 6:50 pm
Day 8

I don't have much to say today ...
I guess I am just feeling frustrated with this whole thing and thinking I am never going to find anyone . I met someone funny thing it was not on here and we talked for like 3 hours and she was telling me everything I needed and wanted to hear but of course it ended up with just lies .
She said she was going to show me her web cam last night and she never came on and haven't heard from her today . But see I been down this road before so I am not surprised and hurt it just makes me sad that people play games .
So all I can say is ....
Don't come and waist my time and your time if your going to just play games . I have a good heart and I believe what people tell me and I just get burned everytime ! You would think I would learn but I don't because I want to give everyone a chance and not think everyone is out to get me .
Oh well that's life

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