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12/2/2005 12:39 am

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What is a good submissive? What is an honorable submissive?

Question: Do you honor your Master?

I am new to being a submissive. Explanation: I have been in the bdsm lifestyle for over 30 years. I have always been a Domme, so I know what I would like to have as a sub. A person, man or woman, that is respectful, honorable, loving, and truthful.

That being said, what I see upsets me at times. I see self-proclaimed subs that say they have a Sir. How would your Sir feel if he were sitting next to you? Would they be honored by your actions and your words? Would you act this way in front of them?

I've been told, "Well, I wouldn't act this way in the real world". Then why do it in the chatrooms? Don't you realize that people listen and look at you and think you are that way all the time? What does this say for your Sir? How many people have looked a a sub and said "His/Her poor Sir!" Is this the image we want to portray? I hope not for me. I always want people to say, "You are an honor to your Sir."

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