Reflections 2  

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8/19/2006 1:10 am

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3/3/2007 1:04 pm

Reflections 2

I'm tired. No, that's not quite right. I'm sick and tired.

I'm sick and tired of women trying to compensate for their lack of height and insecurity by seeking (way too) taller men. A real man is judged by his character and his actions, not his height, girth, or dick size. While I might prefer someone shorter, I'll take a taller (compatible) woman any day. I love achieving great heights and will enjoy rising to the occasion.

I'm sick and tired of women who talk the talk, then fail to walk the walk. If you have fantasies and desires that you're too afraid to explore, get on the vanilla dating sites where you belong. My profile is VERY honest. If you can't handle me, don't try and neither of us will be disappointed later.

I'm sick and tired of all the phonies and fronts for web pages and porn sites that AdultFriendFinder allows to permeate their site. Let's not forget all the out of country scams posing as women living in local areas, but currently out of country on business with no time table for returning. Oh, and an emergency has come up and they "need funds." Give me a break.

Ladies, I may hope and dream of finding "true happiness," but all I want to do is enjoy life, live it to it's fullest in the company of a suitable companion, and have some fun. Friendship or more, intimacy or not, I'll give it a try. How about you?

It really is that simple.

And the beat goes on ...

rm_Kristarrah 47F
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1/22/2007 9:00 am

As I've stated previously, I appreciate your candor; and you've been blessed with the ability to articulate your beliefs. It's tragic that so few have mastered the English language and are unable to express themselves so freely. Self-expression is an art, and you are a master.

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