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7/8/2006 7:39 am
Reflections 1

You are what you love ... NOT what loves you.

How poetic. It's actually a quote from a movie captured in print in a Daily Press column. Truer words were never read by me and it has become a reflection of the man I am.

Many different people, from family and friends, to lovers and stalkers, can love you in a variety of ways. And yet, it truly is who YOU love in return that identifies the person you have become.

Me, I have a fatal attraction to sexy, young things, with unbounding passion and a zest for life. On the upside, I've had remarkable relationships with women that would astound the average person. On the down side, I still search for a lasting companion and that special someone to make life grand.

From a personal trainer, manic depressive ex playboy centerfold to beautiful women in their 20s, whose warped psyches couldn't keep a special and wonderful relationship without making every effort to tax it and ruin it, until they chased away the very thing they pleaded for, I've experienced much.

I've learned to be true to myself, to not be ashamed, but in fact proud, of who I am and what I seek. I've also carried the values instilled in me by my parents to be a good person. I'm a nice guy. I have lots of bad boy in me, a dominant side that has grown over the last few years, but THAT part of me will never change.

I AM who I am. I am what I love and not what loves me. And so I continue my AdultFriendFinder journey, searching for the brief respites that another warm body brings, hoping to find that one special someone.

I am a realist, realizing I've set that bar quite high. Perhaps I'm a bit of a dreamer, as well. But without dreams, without goals, without hope, what would be left?

And the beat goes on ...

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