What constitutes a " fake person here"?  

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10/11/2005 9:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What constitutes a " fake person here"?

AdultFriendFinder cannot banned those people who likes to fool around or just using female profile to get men pictures or open profiles. That' the real score here, IT SUCKS!

How can you be so sure that the person your chatting online is really the real person you want to meet?

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10/13/2005 3:42 am


wayne2rockett 54M
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10/14/2005 7:38 am

hi. noticed your post. thought i'd reply. chatting is quite different the way it was back in the late 90s when the net wasn't it is now. iba na ngayon, ika nga. the good news is, it's affordable now than before. the down side is... well, your post is one. and you could fall for it too!

i don't chat as often as i do back in the "old" days kasi nga ang dami nang fakes around. not that i fell for it. but well, sorry me; i must be missing some of the good stuff out here in cyberspace.

spotting a fake would take a little more time. some are really very good at it. but take note. no one can pretend to be someone they're not for a long time, right? if the person you thought was him turned out to be otherwise, sorry na lang siya if you wreak havoc and he gets the full force of your mala-katrinang wrath. he deserves it. as for you, you'll be disappointed (maybe hurt), no doubt. but there's always a bright side. i don't know what is but there always is. hope this brightens up your mood. actually, the nicer people still outnumber those who aren't.

rm_Carcass3 34M
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10/16/2005 10:14 am

hehe thats why I dont rely on getting partners online. But arent you happy you at the same since you actually met your cabs here? Or did you meet him somewhere else? I totally agree with wayne2rockett.


10/17/2005 8:15 pm

yeah thanks for that great ideas guys. Eversince i'm not fooling around naman here sa internet i've been very honest with my chatmates and to my fling. Maybe those old good days mga tao is sobrang umaasa pa na magkaroon ng afairs online so surely they been keen and curious in the first place. In the long run for safety purposes mostly ngayon afraid na to meet and greet. But i still believe marami pa rin ang mga pursigido sa ganito, just to satisfy thier lust ika nga (sexual satisfaction). Yeah He's real naman in the first place and happy at first. But now we part ways na. We meet on AdultFriendFinder IMC. But it didn't worked out for us. Now i'm happy with my life.

wayne2rockett 54M
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10/23/2005 1:33 am

the net is just like that. kung medyo palalalimin ko, it's like a sanctuary na rin where everybody can be their alter egos. what was this cartoon before sa hbo? sin city ba yun? there's this episode about cybersex or something. the guy was like tall, dark and handsome in cyberspace pero in reality, he was fat, sloppy and ugly (though he wasn't beastly). yung lagi niyang ka-chat (who was really sexy and pretty on and off cyberspace) was swept off. i forgot the ending pero parang nagkatuluyan ata sila.
to satisfy one's lust is a given. pero it's also a choice. so is fooling around. no one can ever be satisfied. we always want more. i've heard about SEBs and all that; sometimes, i just thought "sarap siguro nun, ano?" but then, a nagging thought tells me, "ano na ba ito? sodom and gomorrah?" i'm no purist, i'm no saint, may talangka rin ako sa ulo pero teka, let's draw the line muna.


10/23/2005 8:58 pm

i guess we all need to be careful of whom we're talking to na lang. So u never had the chance ba to meet girl on AdultFriendFinder? so tell me naman ur experience, kung meron nga lang?

wayne2rockett 54M
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10/26/2005 11:03 pm

nah. kahit sa filipino friendfinder. not that i didn't try. i've sent invitations before. there are a lot of cute girls there (at least, i could see that they're cute based ONLY on the pics they posted) that i'd like to correspond with. but... hehe... i haven't received a reply yet. k lang.

speaking of pics, it's kinda easy to tell a fake or an authentic one. i've spotted two already. it's a small world indeed kasi there was one na nagkataong kilala ko yung girl. taga-rito siya and her pics got posted sa net kasi she's a candidate in a local beauty pageant. i ran into her one time and asked if she indeed posted her pic dun sa site (it wasn't adult or filipino friendfinder). she swore she didn't. aha!

now the other one is quite more obvious. dun sa filipinofriend finder. i had a laugh talaga kasi after scrolling down to the bottom of the page, i saw LOTS of guys who wrote her! obviously, most, if not all, of these guys didn't know who casey of casey's cam is! it's her pic posted on the site.

it's not a put down, let me clear myself. but like we've been talking about in this thread, ayun. that provides some light.

AdultFriendFinder, ala pa. pero sa chat group before, ah. that's a different story. pero more on barkadahan lang.

check this out:

"im down to earth, fun to be snoobish sometimes pls filipino guys dont message me i wont reply on u dont waste ur time. im sick of tired of having relationship with a filipino so dont message me ok! im pretty obviously!"

Ulirang (Ideyal) Tao na Hinahanap:
"im looking 4 a serious relationship i like foreigners, like caucasian guy who can provide me anything and love me and treat me like her queen. message me i hope ur sincere enough to be my king and u have to prove ur self first not just making promises.!by the way im planning to go To US anyone wanna buy me a ticket??????"

ayun naman pala, ey! mwehehe pinaikot pah. but i gotta hand it to her; she's just being honest. napapakatotoo lang siya.
out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks... though grammatically... ay, wag na lang.

so in more ways than one, the net is also a haven.


10/28/2005 9:17 pm

let me guess dear, dami mo na sigurong ka chat dito sa internet hehehe. Basi sa experience ko I've been a chat freak (here ko na meet sa chatroom ang aking hubby) your right mostly here are just playing or being discreet for confidendiatlity. But fortunate pa rin ako kasi mostly ng mga ka chat ko all are honest naman and good looking yun nga lang mostly temporary meetings lang kami.
At sa mga sinasabi mo 'bout this girls using other's face pic to catch attention it's thier choice baka insecure sila sa real face nila? hahaha that should be with them if they like foolin' around.
For me honesty counts like million points. we'll careful careful, now i'm cautious and not so friendly online tough my pics not so beautiful but i'm attractive at least(yabang pa). So I'm confident to show glipmse of my beauty "wink wink".

wayne2rockett 54M
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10/29/2005 2:03 am

like i said previously, i'm not as "active" as i used to be back in the "old" days of mirc. konti lang ang nami-meet ko ngayon but when i do, it's for friendly intentions lang. or correspondence. or sharing. those i've met before, they've stayed in touch every now and then. now it felt like we first met on the net (ganda ng rhyme nun ah).

sharing. yeah. like uso pala ngayon ang file sharing ng mp3s. especially opms. so i reactivated our radio station's website, posted mp3s for free downloads and "advertised" in forums. ayun. nagising ulit yun site. and i make sure it's worth their time, especially in answering their mails.

there's nothing more rewarding than giving e. or mababaw lang siguro ako hahaha. maybe i should put up my own blog. mwehehe. actually, i have plans kaso busy lang ngayon with work e.

tama lang na hindi mo ibubukadkad lahat komo nasa net ka. psy-war pa rin yan e. but if others have a devil-may-care attitude about it, then let them be. pero, at least, you're the one doing the analysis and not them.


10/29/2005 2:38 am

ur so deep wayne I love the way you write. One of the few guys who can really express his thoughts. Not only dickheads...
I'll take ur word I can be mababaw in anyways not only here. Joining forums and links. Sadly for some reasons not for katangahan we'll i love being here. I feel I belong to the group. In real life i'm more of the hideuos person. I had oceans of secrets so i'm only sharing it to close friends na meet ko na talaga in person.

wayne2rockett 54M
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10/30/2005 10:19 pm

i believe the term you are looking for is "reclusive." well, i am a reclusive person myself; not to mention, quite private. kaya nga madalas na reluctant ako to put up my own blog e. pero sige lang. i guess it's part of the game.

oh, and thanks for the compliment.


10/31/2005 7:18 pm

yes, sort of mean na nga ako nowadays. I think my sexmate pissed off na siya kasi he's been adjusting my uncanny personality. Oh! not to forget testing his patience. You needed to be appreciated the way you give opinions. Yeah u should put up ur own blog para masaya sa blogville.

here kasi I usually read profiles. I'm interested and attracted to those who really express themselves coinciding thier catchy photos. I take time to view and read what they like and what's the porpose of joing AdultFriendFinder. So for me no need to put your face pic para ano makita ka at mabuking, di naman!. For me pretention is just a waste of time. I updated my profile--- change picture, edit listings, questions, reply posts, checking blogs and reading emails. Mababaw rin naman ang kaligayahan ko happy na ako sa ganun dear.

wayne2rockett 54M
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11/5/2005 5:32 am

naku, teka. baka seloso ang cabs mo e magpaulan pa ng bareta sa bubungan ko. bosing! kung sino ka man, tagabato lang ako ng opinions dito. yun at yun lang.

obviously, i'm not into putting my pic in sites as open as these. ala lang. hindi ko trip, e. not that i'm trying to hide anything, eh? or because i'm paranoid. it's more of i-still-have-a-strong-sense-of-privacy thing. and part of it is to exude a bit of mystery na rin. remember the post i wrote above? oy, teka... it doesn't mean na i'm fat, sloppy and ugly ha?

i just draw the line somewhere. if things have to be brought one step up, then that's the time to make the move.


11/6/2005 7:46 pm

uy bigla naging defensive si wayne. hehehe. Don't you worry he's not a jealous type. no need to be scared of cabs! He's one of the nicest guy I'd had encountered.

yes i respect your privacy. That's your right and no one can take away from you. Para kamo me thrill, maybe mostly nga lang pg me pic din dito almost hideous pa rin so u can't really tell(physically) kung bet mo sila. So what you mean nga?

wayne2rockett 54M
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11/7/2005 6:36 am

defensive? hindi, ah. ayoko lang makagawa ng atraso nang wala naman. ika nga, like looking for a black cat inside a dark room that's not even there. mwehehehe... para kasing tayong dalawa lang ang nag-uusap dito sa loob ng kwarto...to...to...o..o..o... ayan,o. nag-e-echo pa.

pics serve more than half of the "initial requirement," di ba? pero iba pa rin yung personal na. you're right. more often than not, pag na-meet mo na yung tao sa picture na nakita mo, "ay? ikaw ba yung nasa picture?"

aray! hahaha...


11/9/2005 12:34 am

ok, di na kung hindi. baka kasi iba pa yung makapa mo sa dilim, hehehe. ok lang if u feel na tayo lang nagpopost. Most of the members visiting me mababasa naman. Para kasi yung iba takot magpost u know baka me clones hehehe.

Panit nga ako sa phots ko. Di po ako photogenic but I'm not ugly naman sa personal, tama lang. I'm confident to say ako yung sa pic me pagkakaiba ba?

anoba yan puro ka negative ang iniisip mo.

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