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11/25/2005 1:52 am

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Life At The Table

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I have always known a simple life. I grew up in a simple family where simple lifestyle was the bread and butter. Nevertheless, I was not limited to the whims of simplicity as simple living has also it's own intricacies.

One of the fondest memories I gathered from childhood was the mealtime dramas at the round, aged table of lush brown. We're a big family. There are five of us kids and we also have extended family: the one my parents adopted our great grandparent. Mealtime then used to be so wonderful.

At breakfast table our talk drifted from recollections of morbid dreams of "ghosts and ghouls" to the hottest issue on primetime television icons. The breakfast table was also the sermon venue of the home. In the wee hours of the morning, just before we leave the table for school, our parents never missed reminding us of the do's and dont's of the world. The table was not even spared from moments of crying, when we heard sad news of deaths---of loved ones and our cherished pets.

I am now twenty-five years old. I seldom get the chance to stay long at home. The last time I looked at the aged table of lush brown---it was silent; so pathetic and deafening was its silence. Gone are the laughter and the tears. Perhaps, we have grown too old to be like little children---free enough to forget the cares of everyday living. Or perhaps, we have grown too cold to relate even to the most natural and most human emotions. Or have we turned to superficial joys? I have not shared a meal with my family for a long, long time where our vanities are left unshed, and our hearts unguarded. I am wondering if this is the price of aging and learning.

Life turned so complicated for me. The lifestyles at home remained simple still. But it took me more than twenty years to realize that treasured moments are too priceless to waste away.
I cling to memories; the good ones as they would fade. It took me more than twenty years to realize that life is too good and too beautiful to be simple. Well, everything is but passing in this world where nothing lasts forever. And it would take me, perhaps, another twenty years to fully know that while some things do change, some things will stay the same for good. I'll get used to the realities of life, I believe.

sentimental fool,


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