Sultry Nights.....  

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7/23/2006 5:40 pm
Sultry Nights.....

It was hot, the air was heavy from the humidity. The room was dark, smoke filled, and in the background was the sound of Paula Cole singing, "Feelin Love." Natasha allowed the 5th shot of vodka slide down her throat, took an ice cube from her glass of Long Island Ice Tea and rubbed it along her forehead, down the curve of her neck, down between her breast, sighing from the minimal amount of relief that it offered her. In the far corner, he watcher her, his interest piqued when she began rubbing the ice on herself. She was a beauty for sure. She had long, dark brown hair, her eyebrows arched up above wide, knowing eyes, it was too dark to see the color, but from the glow of lights around the bar, he could see that she was bored. Listening to this song, and watching this woman that seemed almost like a dream because of the way the lights made a soft glow around her face, and her breast, that stood full and round, with beads of water from the ice sparkling all over the tops of them, Patrick had become fully aroused and wiggled around uncomfortably in his chair. She had to be tall, probably nearly six feet tall. She sat relaxed with legs that easily reached the floor from her bar stool, she has a long elegant torso, perfectly sized shoulders that ran down that long back into the most lusciously curved hips, and into what looked like a very nice ass. Patrick tried to regulate his breathing and regain control of himself. After several minutes he walked over and asked her if she minded him sitting in the stool next to her, she merely shook her head no, not saying anything. She looked over at him, with no shyness in the big brown eyes, she looked him over from his head, down to his chest, between his legs, and back up to his face again, then she just raised her eyebrow and picked up her drink and took a slow, long drink of it. Patrick had wavy, dark blond hair. His eyes were a hazel color, a mixture of brown and green. He stood a little over six foot and 4 inches tall and weighed about two hundred and twenty-two pounds. He has been lifting weights since high school for pass time as a way to keep his stress levels down, and he still did it regularly. His biceps kept the sleeves on his shirt held taunt, but not too taunt, he preferred to be comfortable when he wasn't at work. He was wearing tight jeans that accentuated a waist size that was perfect for his build, and legs that were muscular, but not too bulky. His chest was broad and he had shoulders that were made for a football player. Suddenly his dream looked over at him again, and asked him if he wanted to have sex with her. At first he thought that he must have been hallucinating from too much alcohol in this heat, and then she impatiently asked him again. He didn't quite know how to respond. She stood up and put some money down on the bar, took his hand, and basically lead him out of the bar to her car. She unlocked it and motioned for him to get in. Once inside, she told him to buckle up, said that the deal was, no names, no strings, just a night of long, hard sex, then she turned the stereo on, and it was playing the same song that was playing inside of the bar. They drove for about fifteen minutes and then she turned into a parking garage, drove up to the fourth story and parked near the elevator. She got out, and he followed her, behind him he heard the activation of her car alarm as he followed her inside of the elevator and the doors quietly shut. The elevator went up four stories and opened into a well lit hallway with plants, and a warm plum color painted on the walls. She walked down the hallway about five doors from the elevator, took out her keys, and opened the door, she waited for him to enter and closed the door and locked it behind them. She walked in, threw her purse on the couch, went to the bar and poured them both a class of vodka, and handed him his glass. Then she began walking down the hallway, stopping... she looked back at him and told him that the bedroom was this way. The room was huge, with a giant king sized bed, the lights were dimmed with cloths draped over the lamp shades. She sat her drink down on the night stand, picked up a remote, and turned on the stereo, again the song from the bar came on through the speakers. She sat the remote down, closed her eyes and began gently swaying back and forth. Her hips moving in a side to side motion, she began to rub her breast through the silk blouse, he could see her nipples begin to poke out through the delicate fabric. She reached down an unbuttoned her slacks and unzipped them, they slid to the floor in a small heap around her feet, and she stepped out of the pile and began slowly dancing to the beat of the music. Patrick sat down on the bed, captivated by the the gentle sway of her body, drinking in the gaze of her flat stomach curling as her hips moved back and forth. She wore navy blue silk panties that held tightly to a firm, round ass, the cheeks clenching and unclenching as she swayed around the room. One at a time she began unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse, slowly, methodically waving her body to the music, as if in a trance. Patrick's breathing was shallow and somewhat fast, he had once again grown uncomfortable in his jeans. When she finished with the last button she began rubbing the fabric around her stomach, up to her breast, up and down across her nipples. Patrick couldn't take it anymore, though the room was cooled to a comfortable level by the air conditioner, he felt like he was suffocating in his clothes. When he looked over, he realized that she had been gazing at him as he'd undressed, watching his every move. She licked her lips, danced over to her glass, and took a long drink of the vodka. She danced her way over and stood directly in front of Patrick and in one swift motion, she pulled her panties down with her left held, not breaking the motion of rubbing the silk accents her volumptous breast, and kicked them across the room. Patrick couldn't make up his mid, one part of him wanted to soak in this view forever, while the other part of him wanted to take her on the bed now and touch every single inch of her body, to drink her in like a fine wine. She made up his mind for him when she pulled off the blouse, ran her hand around to the back of his neck, pulled his face her hers, and began kissing him hard and deep, running her tongue around inside of his mouth as if she were searching for something. He pulled her against him and turned her around so that he was on the top, and she the bottom. Kissing her back with an urgency like tomorrow may never come, he began running his hand through her hair, it felt as soft as the silk that she had been wearing, and had the gentle scent of lavender in it. he began kissing her neck, suckling her earlobes, moving down he began kissing and licking her inner arm, down to her wrist, he very lightly kissed her just above her inner wrist, he moved back up, over to the other arm. The song kept playing in the background over and over and she seemed to writhe beneath him to the beat, as if the song was as important to making her hot and wet as his touches did. He began kissing her chest, moving to her breast, he cupped it underneath, rubbing the nipple with his hand, he began kissing it from beneath, moving around it, closer and closer to her aerola. He started rubbing the other breast as he took her entire aerola into his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue, her hips arched up against his, grinding his penis between them, he growled deeply from the sensation it caused to swell from his stomach to his loins. He grabbed her by her hips, and flipped her over onto her stomach, he began massaging her shoulders, kissing her back, running his tongue down her spine, massaging her ass cheek's in a clockwise motions, then pulling them apart, and squeezing them back together. He pulled her upward his chest, so that she was now on her knees. He began rubbing either side of the opening to her vagina around in small circular motions, one thumb on either side of it, he watched as her hot juices began to flow from the tiny hole, he reached down and stuck his tongue deeply inside of her, taking in all of the sweetness that was inside. She was moaning so loosely, squirming around and around, but he held her hips tightly against his face, drinking her in like his life depended upon it. Taking his tongue out of her he licked upward to her clit, back and forth, flicking it in circled with his tongue when he felt it. When she was nearly screaming out from his touch, he stuck his finger inside of her, deeply at first, he began to use it like his penis, stroking her in rhythm with the music. Then he moved closer to the outside of her, he could feel her Gspot, large and swollen from being aroused, he gently began to rub it, ground and around, pushing down on it, then rubbing more, then shoving his finger deeply inside if her again. When she was nearly crying from the tension of lust built up inside her her, he flipped her over and plunged himself inside of her, it was so tight, it was almost painful, her vagina wrapped itself around him like a suction cup. He began stroking himself in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster and faster, making sure that he pulled out until only a couple of inches of his penis was inside of her, pushing against her Gspot. They were both gasping for air, her moaning became higher pitched with each stroke, he took her nipple into his mouth and nibbled on it, moving his face between each on, never missing a beat. She dug her nails into his back, he could feel her anus slamming against the area between his scrotum and his penis, he was so hot it felt like he was in an oven. Harder and faster he pumped himself in and out of her, then he felt her wet pussy squirt out as she began screaming a horse sounding scream, he kept going harder and harder, almost... he could hear the cheeks of her ass slapping against him, hear her screaming, "YES!" He kept thrusting himself in and out, squeezing her ass cheeks together, then it came, it washed over him like a wave of for, he growled out as he began to come, her body quivering uncontrollably beneath him, he thought he would never stop cumming. Finally he fell down beside her, gulping in air as much as he could, trying to calm himself, because it felt like his heart was going to beat itself right out of his chest. Several minutes later she walked into what he guessed was her master bathroom, then he heard water turn on and knew he had been right. He went in and got under the cool water with her, taking the shampoo he washed her hair, rubbing his fingers through it, moving the suds down between her legs to wash their fluids clean. After their shower they laid down on the bed together, she put her head on his chest, began to run his nipple, then as she sighed, she told him to remember their deal. He waited for her to say something else, but with a few minutes, he realized that she had fallen asleep. He laid there for a long while with her lying n his chest, just listening to her breathing and rubbing his fingers through her hair. Finally he got up and got dressed. He looked at her sleeping peacefully on her big bed, like an angel now, he smiled knowing he had just seen the devil not long before. He would keep their deal, but she didn't say that he couldn't ever, "happen to bump into her again," he thought as he locked the door and walked out.



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