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3/20/2006 9:30 pm

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3/22/2006 8:54 pm

seriously sexual

So anyway on friday I decided I needed some good sex and found the perfect toy. He's not much taller than me but very strong and very sweet.
A true gentleman and I know that's so rare to find anywhere but in the 1800's but I found him or to say he found me.
So I tell him meet me at my job and I'll follow you home. Well by gads he shows up at my job and sees me trying on some sexy high heels and that's how it starts. Not thinking he'd acutally show up but he does then waiting there till I close the shop.
So I follow him home and as a gentleman he opens his front door to let me in. Isn't that sweet. Well the slut in me is begging to just run to the bedroom but I hold back and tell him let's just talk a bit ok? So we give it a few seconds and he asks where I'd like to go. Hmmmm bedroom? ok then we start walking but he wants to follow me and I push him ahead so I can grab his ass and watch him walk for a min. We get there and I just plop my ass on the bed and see the cuffs. 'for me?' and he's like 'No, for me' and we laugh. He turns on the radio and sits on the edge of the bed when I just lay back and call him closer. we start kissing and it turns to him between my legs and still dressed. he starts kissing my lips then my neck and I get all horned out. So he starts kissing lower and then removes his shirt then I take mine off and drop it to the floor and we start kissing again. Then he's tryhing to unhook the bra and me being so easy I just push him back and pull it over my head. there goes the sexy black lace bra and his lips to my nipples. MMMM it's so exciting and I feel him get hard through his pants and then he kisses and sucks my left nipple the more sensitive one and BAM I'm so fucking wet and horny I start tugging at his belt. He sits up and takes down his pants then takes them off hastily then slids down the bed and starts pulling off at mine. NOw mind you I"m still in my thong panties that I wore especially for him and he starts up the leg kissing to my pussy and through the thong he's kissing! I"m all DAMN take them off take them off and moaning at the same time and he doesn't. just slips his tongue around the thong and starts licking up my juices like a hungry kitten at milk. then the panties come off as he lifts my legs and moves up. I feel how hard his cock is and wriggle myself to slip him inside and MMMMMM damn it's so hard and he's making this OMG face like it's the best pussy ever and then an 'omg that's so sweet OMG yeah' comes out a few times and we are fucking. I put my legs up and tell him to hold my legs and damn he starts thrusting me harder and I'm loving life telling him HARDER HARDER SLAM THAT PUSSY. And slip and call him DAddy the whole time he's fucking my cunt to extintion and it's fucking awesome!
then when he's about to cum I get super mean and I pinch his nipples and BAM he's exploding in my pussy so hard and just in a very happy space. So I decide to make him do what I love best and he goes down and licks my pussy clean. and I don't mean just clean up then come back I mean he goes down and licks for at leat 10 min till I'm about to cum and cleans up MY mess on his bed.
then we go under the covers and we chat a bit then I get all horned up again and we start kissing and well by then he's hard again and I start positioning myself to shove his hard cock in me for a min. then I get evil and flip over and he's doing me from behind.
Then as I am that evil I pull away so his cock is free and shove him in my asshole. it takes a second but then pop hes in and going at me hard. harder than I've ever felt and I"m in heaven. screaming yes yes and begging for it harder and more. and he's slamming my ass for all it's worth and he cums in me again! Damn it was a good one too. cause he keeps holding back and I'm just pushing back on his cock not letting him have any room to pull out.
After this I kinda just lay there and he does as well till I get all horned up again (yep told ya I'm fucking one horny hunny).
So then we hug some more and talk a bit more and it's only midnight so then we start playing around again and he starts licking my asshole which I love and gets himself all hard again and I"m just in the right space and we end up fucking again. BAM he cums again after about 10 min of fucking cause I won't let him pull back and hold it. Then we are hugging again and feeling eachother up and bam again we are fucking nice and semi slow till I pull my legs over his shoulders and I slide myself all up onto him and start getting him to slam me again.
Then in a couple inbetween moments I had him fucking me with his hand held anal vibrator and getting my ass fucked so hard I almost came but we didn't use enough lube and I was screaming too loud with the sensations. Now this ended up being 7 times and almost 8 but once we were going good and he pulled out all the way and when tried to slam bakc in hurt my thigh and his cock so we had to stop for a few.
Now all this lasted till about 6 am when he finally said I wore HIM out from sex hehehe. Little vixen I am I was still horny but he was tired so we slept a bit till I had to get ready for work.
I can't wait to actually see if I can spend a whole weekend and totally wear him out with my sexual prowess.
Here I am so enamored with Mz HunnyHole and I got to have a marathon with a 45 yr old stud.
I think I should bring something else to the table though and maybe get lucky and fuck his ass next time with his anal vibe or my dildo? Hmmm we'll see if he's up for it!

MetedSuedeCider 36M  
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3/21/2006 6:58 pm

what a story. Would love to get together with you hun. Sounds like you know what you are doing

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