key words.....  

MystressAshley 46F
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5/26/2006 7:32 am
key words.....

And fuck is in the top spot right next to pussy!

fuck(15) pussy(13) cock( tongue( love(7)
lick(7) suck(6) head(5) horny(5) lips(5)
kissing(5) sucking(4) panties(4) thighs(4) black(4)
balls(4) nipples(4) fucking(4) lace(3) lust(3)
giving(3) kisses(3) shower(3) dominant(3) tied(3)
messages(3) rubbing(3) anal(3) load(3) cumming(3)
cums(3) clit(3) bitch(3) orgasm(3) torture(2)
touching(2) dirty(2) bite(2) inner thighs(2) worship(2)
blowjob(2) stories(2) nails(2) cunt(2) wink(2)
toes(2) vaginal(2) lovers(2) drying(2) daddy(2)
webcam(2) high heels(2) tickling(2) lick pussy(2) screams(2)
wicked(2) cuffs(2) bdsm(2) email(2) upgrade(2)
vibe(1) pillow(1) hard on(1) rope(1) g-spot(1)
cockring(1) clamps(1) throat(1) sleeping(1) chicks(1)
weekend(1) heels(1) blogs(1) vibrator(1) fake(1)
workout(1) locals(1) bondage(1) older men(1) touched(1)
showers(1) lube(1) vagina(1) labia(1) paris(1)
hot and bothered(1) spanking(1) penetration(1) hooker(1) background(1)
shaved(1) huge tits(1) shaved pussy(1) chocolate(1) third(1)
jealous(1) submissive(1) pinching(1) dildo(1) bottom(1)
oral se1) pain(1) fantasy(1) wet pussy(1) thick cock(1)
sucked(1) skinny(1) marathon(1) goddess(1) spit(1)
phone(1) wear(1) getting off(1)

What getting off only has one?
Damn hmmmm

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