from a friend who loves....  

MystressAshley 46F
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4/15/2006 12:21 pm
from a friend who loves....

Looking at You...
with the deepest love i have in me...
and i see,
my love,
that same love returned right back to me.

my breasts forever warm,
in Your caress.
my temperature rising,
at the very sight of You.

One day...
i shall turn to ash...
beneath Your touch.
Your smile,
so calms the fiercest waves.

i am me and You are You,
even as WE join together.
my roots have loosened their grip upon this earth,
this sea is where i no longer wish to be.

For Your arms have become my home...
and i have built a palace inside Your heart, my love,
and i will share Your breath forevermore.

Love such as this,
is of no earthly beginnings,
but of winged, saintly things.

Your heart being held,
in both of my hands,
i clasp it tightly to my chest.
Listening to my own heart,
Whisper Your name,
time and again.

Your sweet wine,
quenching my thirst,
as i become a sponge.
my lips sizzling like the sun...
pressed to Yours.

You love me,
in a way that only You can love me.
Being visible in all You do.
Your love moves through me,
keeping me steady.

As stars align,
in Our direction,
this true love,
this real love,

Our love.....
written by Imagrl4U
Now isn't that the best thing you could write about your Mistress?

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