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4/15/2006 12:23 pm
For geoff

All about.....
As she walked in the door he smiled. On his knees cuffs on waiting for her to take him he smiled up at her then looked down at her feet.
Heels the bitch wore the high heels he loved so much. Damn he thought what the hell is going to happen but lust and pure love for worshipping her.
She walked up to him and smacked his face and he almost fell over but loved that she had touched him finally in a way only a masochist like him appreciated. She walked behind and clicked the cuffs together then walked in front and pushed him back. He fell on his legs then she sat on his face. smothered his face with her ass and then slid forward a bit and covered his mouth with her thong coverd pussy. He licked and sucked and smelled her pussy deeply loving everything about her.
She had just worn this outfit for him. Black laced red bra with a bust inhancer (that she didn't need because she's a DD) and black lace panties with a heart and high black heels that make her legs so long and sexy he melts with every lick, suck and look of her.
He wanted to do so much more and she knew it.
When he was with her he was putty in her hands he was molded into something special and she was enjoying every bit of him.
Then she got up and got the rope for his cock and balls and he was ready. she helped him up to his feet then to the bedroom where she locked him to the bed in the middle by his wrists and his legs spread open. she shoved a pillow under his ass so she could get a good shot at his manpussy when she got the strapon later.
She got the clamps from the table and clamped his nipples and then the rope for his balls was brought out and she tied them.
' like this don't you baby? like how I get your cock nice and hard with a few licks of my sweet pussy and you are just a slut for it arne't you baby.' 'uh huh' he said and she reached up and smacked him. He was in love. Her anger and his lust made for a wonderful combonation that he just couldn't resist and just about shot a load from her touch.
She smacked his cock a few times then tied it up as well from base to just under the huge mushroom head.
Yep interested again are we?

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