Morning Love..MMMmmmmmm  

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9/1/2005 10:56 am

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Morning Love..MMMmmmmmm

To my fantasy Lover,
This is how it would be if we were to ever meet.
You would invite me over to your house and since I don't drink you would have sparkling cider chillin in a bucket of ice on a table near the couch. I am a little nervous but you tell me to relax and you offer me a seat. You sit close to me and you begin to rub my shoulders and my neck telling me it’s alright to just relax and let you take care of my every need. I feel as though I can trust you so I get comfortable and lean up against you, you are rubbing my neck and you tilt my head so that you can kiss and suck on my neck. I tell you that it feels good and you begin to rub my breast and suck on my nipples. My nipples are so sensitive to your touch and you know exactly what to do to make me want you more and more. I am moaning and groaning and telling you I can't wait any longer, you tell me to hold on that your just beginning, You reach down and put one hand in my jeans and you feel that I wet, you rub and squeeze my pussy and then you put two fingers in and just feel the wetness and your moaning and telling me how good it feels to you. You have me stand just long enough for us to take each others clothes off. We are both naked and you have me lye back and you place each of my legs on your shoulder as you start to lick and nibble on my pussy. you use your fingers to hold it open and put your tongue deep inside, It feels so good I am holding on to you and humping to feel you even more. You make me cum this way and as soon as my body stops shaking I have you lye down so that I can please you, Your cock is so hard and throbbing, I take just the head and lick it and wrap my tongue around it and kiss it and squeeze. I hold it and lick it from the bottom to the top. I hold your balls and massage them as I lick and suck on your big beautiful cock. I love the sounds you are making, you are moaning and calling my name telling me that if I don't stop that I will make you cum. I ease up so that you can get up you have me to turn around and as you are behind me I am arching my back waiting to feel you deep in my pussy, I feel you slap me on my ass and it feels good then you squeeze my ass and ask me do I want it and I tell you Yes, Yes Oh God Yes, You take hold of your cock and you rub it up and down between my pussy and my ass. As you lean forward your cock slips in my ass accidentally and I cry out from the unexpected pain. Your lips are right next to my ear and you tell me your sorry that you will take it right out. As you’re about to pull it out it feels so good and tight that you ask me if you can just leave it there for a minute. You are kissing and caressing me so gently and I want to do anything to make it good for you, so I relax and the pain is not there and you begin to move slowly, inching a little at a time until you feel me pushing back to meet you, you are holding me tight and fucking me in the ass, I don't know when the pain turned to pleasure but I am cumming and rocking back up against you, You tell me that you are about to cum do I want it, I am breathing so hard and I am in so much pleasure I tell you as best I can Yes Yes I want to feel you cum inside my pussy, you pull out and thrust it deep in my pussy and begin to stroke long and hard. I feel it throbbing and getting ready to explode inside of me and I grab your shoulders and I cum with you, your thrusting, so hard and fast and I am feeling every hot scalding drop. You feel my cum and we hold each other until we both just collapse from pure exhaustion. You reach over and kiss my lips and tell me to rest up, that was just the beginning. I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face and your cum inside me.

You are Terrific. You really know how to satisfy me.

As I awaken from my slumber, I find myself entangled inside of you. I am one with you and I just gaze at your magnificent body. I scan your sleeping face and study the contours of the lips which created so much pleasure the night before. I can still feel them pressed against mine, our tongues dancing, probing the passion between us. I remember the warmth of their kisses as you kissed the nape of my neck, slowly working your way down to my heaving breast. The nipples stood proud anticipating the warmth of your lips, the flickering tongue, the suckle of your moist mouth….they stood at attention from the mere thoughts I am having now….the craving renewed. I can feel the moisture beginning again between my legs and I squeeze my thighs together to try to stave off the pangs of desire. It is of no use because as my hand brushes over your muscular chest, visions of those flexing muscles flash through my head…visions of you thrusting deeply inside of me…filling me with each stroke. I cover my breast with one hand to simulate the warmth of that chest pressing against mine, my other hand goes for your flaccid manhood….I stroke it…and I can feel you stirring in your sleep. Your manhood begins to awaken and become engorged as I feel it stiffening between my fingers. Slowly I stroke it, pulling the foreskin up over the head, then back down…it stiffens even more as your eyes flutter open. I say “Good Morning” before I plant a soft wet kiss on your lips….I think you mutter “morning” as I began my journey south….planting kisses along your neck…..still stroking your growing manhood. I travel further south, licking your collarbone causing your manhood to throb… bucked inside of my hand as I sucked the nipples of that muscular chest…my own erect nipples brushing against your stomach…I linger over your nipples as you become fully aware of my actions….your hand strokes my inner thigh as it works its way to the fire burning between my legs…..dew drops of my desire already trickling from the folds of my pussy.....I moan against your chest, releasing the hot air over your chest as your fingers meet the gushy warmth of my kitten…I can’t help grinding her against your touch…..I shift my body so I can move further south over your abs to the beginning of your pubic hairs….my tongue finding the head of your manhood which has blossomed like a rose to the morning sun…..I lap at the tiny droplets of precum that have formed at the tip…probing with my tongue at the tiny opening…..I hear you moan your approval….I *gasp* as you insert your finger into my moist kitten…the walls tightening around your probing fingers….I take the head of your manhood into my moist lips…sucking..flicking my tongue over the opening and along the underside…your thumb finds my pearl and you massage it gently….I show my appreciation by licking the shaft of your manhood from top to bottom before I take it in to my mouth…inch by inch disappears inside my mouth until the head meets the back of my throat…I know you like it because your fingers, momentarily, stop their sensual massage….I bob my head up and down as I feel you throbbing in my mouth…but I must come up for air as I feel your fingers at work again…Sssssss…as you suck your teeth…your manhood shiny and wet from my deep throat stimulation…bobs up and down when I exhale warm air over it releasing a *sigh* of my own...your fingers probe and massage my sex…your pace quickening…..two fingers find my spot hidden inside my pussy…I take your manhood back into my mouth…sucking it hard and bobbing my head up and down the shaft….I can feel it pulsing inside my mouth…the head becoming big then smaller, big then smaller…..I lick the underside just below the head..that little spot that drives you wild…..before I devour the meaty shaft, forcing the head to the back f my throat……I feel you grind your hips and I apply suction before bobbing my head intensely up and down, up and down….you fuck my face thrusting your manhood in and out of my mouth….I’m so wet from your actions that I shift my body so that we can 69…..I place my sopping wet sex over your face and you paw and nibble at it before I’m completely in place…MMMMMmmmm…the feeling over your warm mouth…...your probing tongue inside of me….YES….YES…BABY…LICK ME! obey my commands…sucking and lapping on my dripping sex….I grind on your face as your tongue pierces the folds of my pussy….flicking in and out….I pump your manhood in my fist as I feverishly bob my head up and down the shaft…..the room filled with the sounds of our slurping and sucking……You can’t stand it any long as you pull your pussy from my face to straddle my waist…easing down onto the throbbing flesh in your hand… moan loudly as the head enters your inner sanctum….easily gliding deeper and deeper inside of you…..your walls stretch wider and wider to accept the thickness penetrating your pussy as you settle in to ride the throbbing dick….reverse cowgirl style… glides in deeper….deeper…deeper…you hesitate just a moment as your cheeks meet his stomach….just a moment to let your get use to him being that deep inside of you….but it was only a moment as your hips took on their own play book…they involuntarily begin to thrust and grind against the thickness inside of you…your ass bobbing up and down before his face….each stroke feeling better than the one before it….filling you when your ass meets his stomach….tempting you when you raise your hips to accept it again and again and again….he places his hands over your ass cheeks and kneads them close then open…close then open…smacking it every now and then creating a painful, yet pleasurable tingling beneath the skin……my pussy grips and contracts as our pace quickens….he thrusts deeply inside me using his legs to push deeper inside of me…..I didn’t think I he could get anymore of himself inside of me but each thrust went even deeper….I rode harder…meeting his thrusts with a hip grind….I massaged his balls with my hand as I watched his manhood gliding in and out between my legs….I could see my cream building and dribbling from pussy…I massaged it into the flesh of his balls as the pounding continued….I watched the thick dick appear and disappear as I began to feel dizzy…the frenzy of our session a little too much for me….I brace myself against the raised knees of my lover as he thrust me towards a powerful orgasm….my hips on their own mission ground on around and around…up and down to his thrusts…….his thrust became a blur as he pounded against me….my ass smacked against his stomach as it bobbed up and down…my orgasm pushing up from the depths of my body….I clenched the walls of my pussy in an attempt to hold on…but the pleasure was too great as he plunged in and out of me faster and faster…it felt so good…..I couldn’t stifle the my moans any longer as my orgasm released….the first wave so powerful it made my body jerk….my hips bucked and swayed to his continuing thrusts……..OH!....OH!...YEAH….YES….I”M CUMMING BABY…OOOOOOOH!.....he thrust even deeper and I could barely stand the second waves of this orgasm…my pussy gripped and squeezed my cream out over his balls…it was all I could do to hold on to his knees to keep from blacking out….he held my ass tightly between his massive hands and thrust harder and harder…each one sending a new shock to my body….each thrust a *gasp* escaped my throat…*SIGH*…..*OHMMMmmmm*GASP*….I lay there balanced against his knees…HOW COULD IT BE BETTER THAN THE NIGHT BEFORE?........I tried to recoup my strength, but he had other things in mind as he pulled his still throbbing manhood from completely spent pussy with a POP!.........he got up on his knees and positioned the head in front of me as I sat on all fours n the middle of the bed……I didn’t think I had anything left but my body was on another level….took his manhood in my hands and licked my essence from the shaft……tickling the outside with my tongue before I took him into my mouth…..sucking and stroking the shaft for my reward……oral pleasure for the one man I loved…..I took his manhood deep to the back of my throat and flicked my tongue over the edge of his balls, while playing with them as I sucked him harder……his manhood throbbed and pulsed inside my mouth….I bobbed my head and stroked the shaft before taking the length into my throat again…..I could feel the head pulse and stay that way signaling the release of his seed…..*GUSH*…..the first splash of his seed hit the back of my throat as I squeezed his balls….OH SHIT GIRL>>OH!>>OH!>>>BABY….his seed spurted forth again and it was more than I could handle and it dribbled down my cheeks but I was in love with him as I swallowed as much of it as I could…….I LOVE MORNING LOVE DON’T YOU?...your words still playing in my mind….

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