Sex and the City-EPISODE 54- "Baby talk is cheap"  

Mysterylady1961 55F
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6/16/2006 1:58 am
Sex and the City-EPISODE 54- "Baby talk is cheap"

Carrie is tormented because she can愒 stop thinking about Aiden.She admits to the girls that she wants him back.Miranda suggests emailing Aidan.Carrie gives it a go and writes"I miss you" in her first mesage to Aidan.
Miranda meets a cute guy, alias "Marathon Man", in her running group and they arrange to go for a run togather,which leads to a post-workout worlout.Miranda is surprised when Marathon man puts his tounge where no man has gone before.Charlotte has other things on her mind as she and Trey talk about having a baby.However,when she invites a couple over with three kids,the reality of parenting looks a little less appealing and Charlotte and Trey take a break from their attempts to procreate.
After 36 hours,Aidan still hasn愒 responded and Carrie breaks down and calls him.She arranges for them to go out with Miranda and Steve.After dinner she tells Aiden that she wants to get back together with him.Aiden says he cant do the relationship thing.Undeterred Carrie returns to his apartment later that night and tries to convince him to give her a second chance.Aidan finally just screams "You broke my heart" and Carrie runs home again.
Over at Mirandas apartment Marathon Man not so subtly tries to get Miranda to do some reciprocal licking,but she realizes she cant.At the next marathon training session she races right past him.Samantha ,who has been sleeping with the MBA man Warren,is turned off by his baby talk in bed.When she suggests he stop,Warren takes offense and storms out like the big baby he is.Speaking of babies,Charlotte and Trey decide that one baby will be enough and get back to work.
Back at Carries place,Aidan shows up and without any words the two have passionate sex.In the morning Carrie tells him that she still loves him and wants to be his girlfriend,but Aidan says he needs to think about it.Later thatt day Aidan returns and says"Ok lets give it a shot"

rm_sele42 53M
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7/5/2006 11:32 pm

Wow saiod a atletic man from Østfold and yes yes yeees

rm_BigBear_66 50M
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7/10/2006 5:37 pm

As much as I loved "Sex and the City" some of the charcters were a bit twodimentional. And towards the end of the series some of the scripts were ultra-thin. You made a good report from this episode though.

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