Jokes about men  

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6/3/2006 9:04 am

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Jokes about men

Q:What do men and pantihose have in common? A:They either cling,run or don愒 fit right in the crotch.

Q.What do men and mascara have in common?
A.They both run at the first sign of emotion.

Q :How do you keep your husband from reading your emails?
A: Rename the mail folder"Instructions Manual"

Q: What do you call a handcuffed man?
A: "Trustworthy"

Q.What makes a man think about a candlelit dinner?" A:a power failure

Q.Why did God create man before woman?
A:because you愉e always supposed to sketch a rough draft before creating your masterpiece.

Q:Why does it take 100 million sperms to fertilize one egg?
A:Because not one will stop and ask for directions.

Q.Why do men like smart women?
A.Because opposites attract.

Q:Why is psychoanalysis quicker for alot of men than for women?
A.Because when its time to revert to his childhood he is already there.

Q:Why is it so difficult to find men who are sensitive,caring and good-looking?
A.Because they already have boyfriends.

Sweetpickles69 47F

6/3/2006 9:31 am

I got one!
3 2-letter words for small?

Is It In!



honeypot7473 43F

6/3/2006 9:59 am

Why don't little girls fart?

They don't get assholes until they get married....lmao.

cuteNEway 41F

6/3/2006 10:04 am

In keeping with the topic y'all should see my latest post...yet another demonstration of the stupidity of men


tee hee

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