Ode to Mistress Dimples  

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2/26/2006 12:28 am

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Ode to Mistress Dimples

With the sound of thunder and lightening SHE came riding out of the Darkness
Straddling the huge magnificent muscled back of HER charcoal Stallion
HER black leather shod legs gleaming with the bodily fluids of HER numerous conquests
Humoungous tits swaying majestically above HER leather clad torso
HER fiery red eyes blazing with erotic ecstasy & unbridled lust
Framed by jet black sweat soaked curls cascading from HER proud mane of tousled hair

As SHE continued her unchecked journey across the land
& pillaging big cities & town after town
Littering HER wake with the souls of the living dead
Naked abused bodies of men strewn in HER devastating path of lust
striped of their once flagrant manhood by HER consuming lust filled body

HER crimson pink pussy lips blossoming from the crotchless leather cat suit
Devouring every erect manhood courageous enough to dare cross HER path
Leaving pitiful mangled flaccid shriveled trophies in HER course of devastation
Red open wounds raked by the spurs of HER black leather high heel boots
The Cat o Nine Tails dripping red human blood as it flails across the body of mankind

The urban legend goes that SHE must surely be a Consort of the Devil
Sowing & spreading across mankind HER sordid gospel of evil
SHE has come to punish the male chauvinist ego driven mind
So arrogantly displayed over the ages to the detriment of HER & HER kind
To exact humiliation, suffering & pain
HER aim to , pillage & to maim
For the treatment of women thru out history

Restoring the pride for HER species to its former glory
SHE is the reincarnation of the ultimate Amazon
Shouts of dread & fear precede the approaching hooves of this maraud ring Paragon
As shriveled dismembered phalluses fall in the wake of HER path of destruction
Once proud armies of cock sure men shriveled to pathetic reduction

Now, where ever HER galloping stallion is heard & sighted
Their much famed legacy of male domination now blighted
They bow down in submission, shout in unison with trembling, trepidation & fear
“MISTRESS DIMPLES”, the name SHE loves to hear !!

Your obedient Luv Slave

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