What does it take to fascinate you?  

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9/6/2006 9:38 am

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What does it take to fascinate you?

Teacher was using the word fascinate and asked the class to come upo with a sentence using that word.

Little Mary raised her hand and the teacher called on her.

Last weekend we went to my Uncels farmn and he had sevral sheep. They were really fascinating.

Teacher said , "very good but the word is fascinate"

Meanwhile little Johnny had his hand just a waving in the air.
No one else raised thier hand so she was force d to call on Little Johnny. She figured he could not do to much damage with that word.

It started off really well and she was pleased.

My sister has a beautiful sweater that has ten silver buttons.

Teacher said "Go on Johhny"

Then he said "But her damn tits are so big, she can only fasten eight."

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