The cabinets and entertainment center are done again.  

Myhoneysrooster 68M
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7/13/2006 8:18 pm

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7/17/2006 1:07 pm

The cabinets and entertainment center are done again.

Well the day wasn't as long as I thought it would be.

Slept in until 6 am this morning. When i am home, I am usually having coffee by five in the mornig. No sense to waste daylight.

Went got the helper and got him started on clearing everything out of the little building while, I put the last moulding on the entertainment cent.
Went out to check on him, as he is not the brightest star in the sky and got there just in time for him to gouge a hole in my right forearm with a broken piece of wood.
I know how this day is going to be. lol
This is one of the pieces he was supposed to have tossed out the other day.

Got that done, we got the ceiling up and the trim around it. Got the window trimmed in it too.

Tore down the flower planter along the back deck, cleaned the scraps off the back deck yet another time and off to the dump we went. Miracle of miracles. Made the dump run with no problems.

Got back and got the soffits in place and the facure board put up and primed.

Got the back deck scrubbed as Honey wants to reseal the flooring.

Ran the Satellite cable under the house and up through the floor and got the phone cable back through the wall instead of through the window. My living room doesn't look like its hooked up to life support anymore. Hadn't gotten the chance to put them back in place since remodeling.

Ripped up the threshold going into her dressing room as she decided that the light cherry would look better than the honey maple. (I had used some of the laminate to make the threshold with.)

Puttied some of the small miscuts I had made in the trim. Damned this old eyes stuff anyway. Just can't see to make cuts that don't have any crack in them anymore.

But I didn't have to move the washer and dryer, so that cut a lot of work out for me. Next time I go home,I'll load them in the truck and Honey will have a good excuse to go visit our grandson.
She can drop them off at my daughters, spend the night and enjoy herself visiting.

ThenI'll put in the new stackable as that is what I designed the bathroom for. Hey, she could have a utility room or a dressing room built. The washer is in the bathroom. Smart Girl.

No matter what you hear, no matter what anyone says, believe me, I am tired.

Moved everything back out of the living room some and took a picture. One hell of a lot of work went into that area.

Goodnight all. Nap time.

angelofmercy5 59F
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7/13/2006 9:02 pm

Its alot of work, isn't it? But it will be worth it in the end!'re going to need it.

VCF1962 105F

7/13/2006 9:20 pm

Wowser - you wear me out just reading your blogs Big Bear !

Now, any time you want to come and put in a new bathroom for me, just let me know...........

Mistress Innuendo
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phoenix639 49F

7/13/2006 11:16 pm

Rooster...that unit you have made is gorgeous.

You have made me want to rip my kitchen out & rebuild it now. I need a helping hand though & dont have anyone (not asking dad as hes done so much for me anyway & hes getting on a bit now).

I may wait until next summer & ask J to help with holding things in place.

The units i dont have a problem doing, nor the worktops....its the sink & the plumbing thats scary for me. Ah well if i dont try i wont know if i can do it or not.

I shall start saving some pennies to buy a new kitchen for me to build next year.

The outside of my house paintwork is my job for this year. Plus putting tongue & groove on the wall in the kitchen where Lucky has chewed off the wallpaper...little minx she is.

themisskrissy 56F
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7/14/2006 3:30 pm

looks good daddy o!!!! your sweet Honey must be very pleased.. lucky woman!!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

cactusass 55F

7/17/2006 8:33 am

beautiful work!
have i got a few jobs for you! what a craftsman!

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