Pondering Couples & Even creating Children  

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10/19/2005 5:17 pm

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Pondering Couples & Even creating Children

I had not considered looking for "lovers" as a couple.

We did that once as a weekend away with some friends...I was a bit innocent in such matters. It didn't work out as there was not mutual attraction amongst all participants.

Finding a couple to "swap" or do things with could be interesting. For me, sex is a personal sharing between two people that care about each other. It's energy, bonding and pleasure. Sexual energy is very healing, powerful and life enriching. That is really what I am looking for is someone to share and explore that energy with.

It is also the energy of creation. I have often pondered couples who go to institutions for "sperm donors" and spend up to $10,000 for fertilization. Very clinical. I wonder if when creating life what role the sexual energy has on the child being created. I am surprised we do not have human breeding possibilities rather than expensive clinical approaches to things. Perhaps we are too focused on legalities, ego and ownership.

Ok, enough thinking outloud. My best to all of you on your seeking and paths.

- David

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