Interesting Possibilities  

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10/19/2005 5:06 pm

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Interesting Possibilities

I talked with a female friend of mine the other day, she's a cute red-head. I had not considered her in any romantic capacity. She's in search for her "Mr. Right". I keep encouraging her to go to e-harmony.

I shared with her about going stag to the Full Moon ritual and she mentioned that next time I go to one she'd go with me....I sensed she may have been flirting with me (I am sometimes slow on the uptake)...pondering if she'll sneak on here as I mentioned I had a profile online looking for a lover. Wouldn't that be a kick!

I started pondering what I enjoy about new relationships...the lingering glances, the subtle flattery, the look of desire in the eye all the coy little body language flirtations, the eyes that widen...that first...touch often disguised as an accident...the bare arms touching on an arm-rest at a theater...and nobody moves...before long there is holding of hands...perhaps a whisper that becomes a first kiss.

Reading things around here it's like: make an ad, post/respond to ad, then fuck. Not sure how anyone can tell if they want to have "sex" with someone from a picture and profile. Sex is great and all that but there is so much fun in the interlude elements leading up to such sexual intimacies.

In other news I have decided that I absolutely love my Comcast DVR device. I and my family watch a variety of shows throughout the week, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis (we are SCI-Fi Channel fans), then there is Battlestar Galactica, Medium, Numbers, Charmed, Guiding Light, a new show "Firefly" and well there is StarTrek from time to time. We figured out about 15 hours a week of shows amongst the various family members. This DVR device holds up to 60 hours of programming and allows you to program series to record automatically and it buffers any shows your watching automatically which means you can pause <live shows), or we let our shows go for a few minutes and then we fast forward through commercials!. It's having "TV" on our terms and never missing a show of interest.

I noticed a "couple" visited my BLOG in the Gresham area. I will make a posting about couples next

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