Another wonderful day!  

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10/17/2005 5:47 pm

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Another wonderful day!

I spent some time at my favorite store "Borders", picked up a book for my kids "How to be a Teenage Millionaire" (very kewl little book, my son will be excited about this because it will help him on his life initiation project I challenged him with starting this year.

I decide to make a silver belt for my ceremonial robe - it turned out great I've been pondering Samhain and honoring death today as that is part of the ceremony I am attending tonight. I thought of my older brothers that have passed on and yesterday I talked with my family about making a mural of sorts remembering those in our lives who have passed on and on October 31 we will take down that mural and share our thoughts about each person who's name/picture/memento is on the wall.

I want my children to not fear death or the other side but rather be inspired by ancient traditions to simply honor ancestors and those who have passed on. It's a much healthier context that the fears and abusive contexts I was brought up with.

I've setup a few client appointments today it is always good to know others need me in a professional way. One of my clients I am also a business/success coach with. He called to let me know he was going "splat" soon, as per my theory regarding level 2 manifesting where we are thrown over "cliffs" by the Divine until we learn how to fly...or glide <laugh>. He has major funding for huge international business with a letter of credit in process. His funding date has been pushed back to October 31 (quite an auspicious date for stepping into a new life), but he has not been staying present and he confessed today <laugh>.

It's all about the journey, everything is perfect. He gets it now and is learning his lessons with a smile instead of fear, anger and frustration. He's going to do big things and is being groomed for financial greatness.

This week is d-day week for a pre-foreclosure deal I have in process. As usual in this kind of investing we always learn a lot. It's fun to see obstacles surface that requires creativity to navigate...for me that is part of the fun of such things. There is no "success" book or cookie cutter approach - fun seeing folks write up such things. There is trusting the path to reveal itself as you walk down that path.

Sort of like my being here. I desire a beautiful and wonderful lover to walk a path with for awhile. I don't know who she is, or what she looks like but I do know we will have a lot of fun together and we will enrich each others life. Is she Caucasian, black, latina, Asian...I don't know...<laugh> and that is part of the adventure of this inspiration.

I still have the whisp of a memory from that lovely latina goddess from over the weekend. I'd be inspired to dine at the "Y" for hours. That is what this is about isn't it? Mutual inspiration.

I'm 41 with the heart and mind of a 22 year old (sometimes a 16 year old), in some ways I am a teddy bear, but along my path to find my lover I have been inspired to become a leaner teddy bear. I am making wonderful progress in this area of my life.

Best to all of you out there

- David

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