The joys of Instant Messages  

MyPussy4you2day 51F
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6/1/2006 6:00 pm
The joys of Instant Messages

Oh joy, joy! Instantly send your crudest pick up line in 24 characters or less, all with the aim of impressing me so we could continue chatting! What joy!

One would think that as people get older they would develop some measure of style in their approach, but alas, I am wrong! Seems as though the older and the much older guys are the ones with the crudest approaches. They all want to do something spectacularly dramatic to me. It's funny really, pathetic at times, but just generally funny.

Of all the "sexy" Instant Messages that men tend to think will catch my attention and encourage a session in the chat room, the ones that really work for me are those that say "Hi, how are you?"

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