The Most Unattractive...  

MyPussy4you2day 51F
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7/21/2006 6:57 am
The Most Unattractive...

I love being female and I love the idea of having a man (picky though I am; after having the very best, it's hard to settle for anything less). I love the intimacy, the playfulness, the quiet short, I love men.

However, the men I find to be absolutely the most unattractive are the married ones. It doesn't matter what he has, what he does, how successful he is, married men turn me off.

A married man approaches you and you already know a couple of things about him. He lies, cheats, has no loyalty, cannot be trusted, break vows and can give nothing. Who wants that? Certainly not me.

I have had so many married men step to me, it is disgusting.

So married men, if you are reading my blog, please do us both a favor...stay away...I am so NOT interested and never will be.

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