Celibacy looks good!  

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7/3/2006 4:08 pm

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7/4/2006 7:30 pm

Celibacy looks good!

Somebody tell me that there is still some measure of intelligence among the masses!!! Is it just me or is there someone else out there who thinks the seduction begins in the head? Are we all just animals? I have no doubt that women made men who they are....if a man is married, promiscuous, completely without style, can't spell, or express himself in recognizable words, AND a woman will still sleep with that, then women are responsible for what men have become. No need to make an effort; no need to elevate the game....you will get some anyway. Amazing!

This guy IMs me to say that women on this site are not serious. I didn't agree with him. I couldn't. Not because a woman won't sleep with a particular guy means she is not serious. Women should have the right to choose with whom they share their bodies and their essence. I would love to go to bed with a man right now and have the best sex ever, but I would rather remain celibate for the rest of my life if I have to lower my standards to such a level I have to dig a ditch to retrieve it.

I look at the wide array of penises on display here and I admit there are some that absolutely blows my mind. Who wouldn't want to have one of those for dinner and breakfast, not to mention a late night snack? But a penis is not an independent organ, it comes attached to a body. That body is generally a person....and therein lies the problem. Why can't the best penises be attached to the most exciting, intelligent men? Men who are about something?

I don't want to think that my care in choosing a partner has anything to do with being British; I want to believe it has to do with being an attractive and intelligent woman making choices that complements who I am. I chose this site because people are clear in their intent and not hiding behind the 'christian' thing, so I have to search for their intent. But really,a question such as "Do you want a good f-ck?" is not a turn on from a complete stranger.

I want to get to know the person I am going to sleep with as much as I possibly can....it's the only intelligent thing to do. You see, I want to be able to look myself in the mirror in the morning and not have to look away in disgust, as I am sure some women do when they realize they have had anonymous sex with dozens of losers who merely considered them a hole for their poles. I couldn't be one of those women. I never tried it and I can't do that to me.

So, I just hit my 9 year anniversary of celibacy and I am still searching for a friend and sex partner. Still no rush. But when I find you, you better be prepared....with nothing ever making an exit out of there and it not being in use for so long, you know it's tight! Think on that! LOL!

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