A most unbelievable ride!  

MyPussy4you2day 51F
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7/20/2006 10:17 pm
A most unbelievable ride!

Completely unbelievable!! Since April 1 (guess I just fooled myself on that day), I have been searching for the one dick that was attached to a man who was intelligent, funny and completely sexy and unfortunately I could not find it! Crudeness abounded everywhere! It was so comical to hear the tired and worn down lines. Is there anything a man won't say to try to get some? And to think women are silly enough to fall for that stuff!!

They say it is never a good idea to bring sand to the beach, but whoever said that, may want to come here looking for the impossible....dick and intelligence!! In the midst of literally thousands of penises (from the very small to the miniscule; from average to above average: and all sizes and shapes in between), the one I wanted could not be found here.

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of woman who could just have sex because.... but I can't.

Today I looked in the mirror and smiled....40 years and not even the slighest crack in the appearance. Everything was still as tight as ever. I guess I still get that thrill when I step out of my home and people stare...because I look great and can hold my head up. They say it's the hair....long and curly hair.....

So maybe the elusive penis will still surface and I can lay my celibacy to rest....maybe.

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