What a party!  

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5/1/2006 11:55 pm

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What a party!

I've been a swinger at various times in my life and during those times, I've held many, many parties, some were good, some were not. They used to be on the order of: "Hi, how are ya? Let's fuck! Ok, I came! Good night."

Well, last Saturday night, I finally got it all together and we had the best party that I've ever been to. I'm still disbelieving that it was held at my place.

I'm not going to tell you how many people showed up or what all happened. I just want to tell you about one person; my girlfriend.

I just met her about a month and a half ago through this website.
Being a single old man, I already knew what my chances of actually contacting anyone to swing with would be....slim and none. But, I went ahead and "bought in" and tried my best to find somebody that would accept me.

After I joined, I started looking through the profiles and stumbled on a girl from the San Diego, California area.

Now, San Diego is 170 miles from where I live (Yuma, AZ) and I was thinking to myself, "What the hell are you looking clear over there for?". But, sure enough, I found a profile for a 55 year old lady that somehow intrigued me. I looked at her picture and I could see that she was not Betty Grable (you've got to be really old to remember her), but I really did notice that our profiles matched VERY closely. I wasn't looking for the Barbie....I just wanted a girl that at least matched some of the things I'm interested in....and this girl was right on the button.

In her picture, she was wearing blue jeans and some kind of working smock, like a beautician wears (I thought) and there wasn't any nude photos of her. Now, you would think that a "dirty old man" like myself would be looking only through the "nudie cuties", but I was honestly looking for matching profiles...and here she was. I checked out her stats and saw that she was quite evidently voluptuous! MY KIND OF WOMAN! ...and with 38DD!!

Damn! I'm in love (lust) already!

I went to end of her profile and typed out a short message to her (only about 4 pages) and described myself to her (in sickening detail). I often wonder if my e-mail to her showed any indication of begging?

About 3 days later, I open up AdultFriendFinder and much to my surprise, there's a message for me. I read the message a hundred times...and each time I was still in disbelief...she was interested! I sent a very short reply to her as quickly as I could (only about 6 pages this time) telling her everything that came into my head about myself and indicating that I wanted to meet her in person at the place of her choice to take her to dinner, dancing, Disneyland, a Broadway Musical, Carnegie Hall, a San Diego Chargers football game, The Taj Mahal, The Grand Prix de France, The Tower of London....anywhere she wanted to go...just so that I could see her in person. For her, I would have hired a limousine, bought a candy factory and a florist shop. I also included my phone number and asked her to call me.

A few days after that, I hear the phone ringing and I checked the caller ID and it's a call from the 619 area code....SAN DIEGO!!!!! I knew it was her!!! I almost ripped the phone off the wall.
"Hi" (with a very strong Texas accent) "This is Nita (you figure out if this is her true name)"

Oh my God! A Texas accent! I almost passed out from sheer disbelief! To me, that is the sexiest sound in the universe....and here she is on the phone talking that way. Ohhhhhhh! I'm gonna die from an overdose of Ecstasy!

We talked for a while, but she wouldn't make a date with me at that time. She was feeling me out to find out if I was real or just another idiot among all the other idiots that contact her. But, she did ask me to call her back and maybe then we could meet.

It took me another week of e-mails and calls to finally get a date with her. She finally consented to a Friday night date for dinner. I asked her if she knew any Karaoke bars near her where we could dance and she said that she knew of one and would take me there. We made arrangements for me to meet her in a shopping center parking lot near a freeway off-ramp at 4PM.

Friday finally came and I was more than ready. I think that I made it from Yuma to San Diego in 47 minutes, 29 seconds flat! I pulled in to the shopping center at 3:15....right on schedule. Whoops! I'm still on Mountain time...it's only 2:15 here! So, now I'm sitting there for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Hell no! I n-n-n-n-ot n-n-ner-vous!!!! Finally, at 3:50...I see her pulling in to the parking lot....she's looking for me...she sees me....here she comes.....SHE'S HERE!! OH!!!! MY GOD!!!! SHE'S MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN HER PICTURE!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I told her about my mistake with the time difference and she laughed and said, (with that beautiful Texas accent) "Oh, rilly?" She almost lost me right there. I was swooning! She wasn't playing fair at all....and she knew it! And I was eating it up. But, I was thinking...."I'll get even! He he he he (lecherous laugh)!"

We went to dinner (I was in such a daze, I don't even remember where....it might have been McDonalds....I don't know) and then she showed me where the Karaoke bar was. Fortunately, we got to the bar early and Karaoke hadn't started yet, so when the MC started setting up his equipment, I got in as one of the first singers.

When my turn came up, I took the mic and announced to the crowd that I had met my date on the internet and this was our first date (huge applause). She was sitting at a table and I was standing right in front of her and I sang only to her, looking her straight in the eyes and putting every ounce of my energy and style into my song to her. The song was the Joe Cocker version of "You Are So Beautiful". When I finished the song, I grabbed her and gave her a very long passionate kiss. It took me a while to realize that we were getting a standing ovation from the crowd....even the MC was going crazy on his mic. I looked in to her eyes and I saw big tears starting down her cheeks. Now, we were even! I could see that she finally came to the conclusion that I was honest and that I was real.

After that, I sang one more song to her and then suggested that we "head off into the sunset". She was as ready as I was....and I was ready (or so I thought)!

We went to a nice motel that I knew of (Motel 6.1). No...lol, it was really nicer than that. I wanted to show this girl more passion than she had ever known. But....

Naturally, I started with oral foreplay and continued for almost an hour. It didn't take me long to find out that the girl of my dreams was multi-orgasmic. That put me up on cloud 9! Then I discovered a horribly embarrassing fact about myself. The timing couldn't have been worse.

I am a widower and my wife had been inflicted with emphysema. We hadn't had sex due to her condition for almost 5 years before her death. Nita was the first woman I had been with for over 5 years. I found out that I couldn't get an erection. I was totally ashamed. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. I finally have my lifetime sex fantasy in my arms and I can't do a damn thing about it except orally. She did everything she could to get me going. Believe me, what she was doing to me was heaven...but it just wouldn't get hard. To make it worse, I couldn't even ejaculate. We were together for 4 hours and did every thing that 2 people could possibly do to get it going. No luck. I was a failure. I thought that I had lost her for sure.

I took her home, apologizing the entire way. I tried to think of something to say, but whatever words I could think of were just not right for the situation. When I finally pulled into her driveway, she gave me a very passionate kiss and told me that she did understand and that she wanted me to call her. I drove away thinking that I would never see her again. She had just said that to make me feel better. It didn't help.

Yuma, Arizona is right on the border with Mexico and only 10 miles from Algodones, Baja California, Mexico. Since it's so close, I frequently go there to buy certain items like medicine, which is much cheaper than the U.S. I was in a pharmacy there, about a week later, and I noticed an ad for Viagra. The owner of the pharmacy is also an MD and a personal friend (also a musician). I asked him if Viagra really worked and told him about my problem. He assured me that it did and that I would be very happy with the results...and so would my lady. I didn't hesitate.....I bought 5.

As soon as I got home I got on-line immediately and found Nita. I must've seemed to her like a little kid with a new toy. I was so overjoyed with my discovery. I told her that my doctor even guaranteed it. I asked her if she could come over to Yuma and visit me for an entire weekend. To my utmost joy, she said that she would, but that she didn't have a car and there are no buses from San Diego to Yuma. I didn't hesitate. I told her that I would come over and get her. Due to circumstances that I won't go into here, it wasn't for 3 more weeks before she was able to get over here.

Now, I had 3 weeks to plan our weekend. I started working on an agenda. Suddenly, one night, I got a really bright idea. A party....a swinging party....with Nita being the guest of honor. NO!....let's make it even better! A surprise for her.....my devious mind started working overtime.

One night I got in contact with her on IM and told her that I wanted to buy her some sexy lingerie for her for our weekend together and that I would need all her sizes. She like the idea as much as me and immediately gave me all her sizes and told me to "surprise her"....little did she know. I ordered everything on line that I could find.

Then, I got on AdultFriendFinder and sent an invitation to couples and single women in my network and anybody that I could find in our age range withing 200 miles to a party at my place with "lingerie modeling show" and a "strip contest". I told them that I would play and sing and provide live music for the party. I clarified my invite, saying that it was not necessarily a swinging party, but that there would be no rules on sexual behaviour except "NO MEANS NO!" Nita and I didn't really have much time together to discuss fully our likes and dislikes, so I just did what I could. I knew that there would be a lot of those that would not believe a single old man, so I did expect rejects. But, I did get some positive responses. People were telling me that they would be here.

During the week before the party, I got my music room cleaned up and set up so that we could have all the fun as I had advertised...modeling show, strip show....and, possibly, extra curricular activities. I even got my bathroom next to my music room set up as a dressing room for the girls. I was ready.

On Friday morning, I drove (Drove? I flew!) over to San Diego and picked up Nita. I could see that she was as excited as I was about our upcoming weekend...and she didn't even know about the party, yet. I was getting a little nervous....how was I going to tell her? Well, I just had to pick the right time.

When we finally got to my house (after a stop in Algodones and a 10 cent tour of Yuma), I pulled right in to the garage (the music room is in the back). She could finally see my drums through the double doors of the music room for the first time.

I took her right in and sat right down and played all the love songs to her that I could think of. I could see that my strategy was working...she was melting. She didn't realize that I was prepping her for a bomb. I was almost getting a little cockey with all my sheer deviousness. Boy, was I in for a shock!

I think I played 15 songs to her (heretofore, she had only seen me actually do those first 2 songs for her) and I finally decided that it was time to take her in the house and drop the bomb on her. We went into the house and I showed her around my humble abode. I thought I wasn't going to get her out of the bedroom...(she had ideas of her own), but I finally got her in the computer room and showed her a print out of one of the invitations. I watched her read it in silence and waited for the explosion.....WRONG!!!

She finished reading it and looked up at me with the biggest grin I had ever seen on her face. Suddenly, I felt like the Vice President of the United States...not the President...telling the Commanding 5 star general "Hey, General, buddy! The "Pres" has asked me to tell you that we might be having this little war over here in this funny little place and we wanted you to...." Well, let me tell you, THE GENERAL TOOK COMPLETE COMMAND OF THE ENTIRE SITUATION!

"Well, I'll have to start getting everything ready! Do we have this? Do we have that? We'll need plenty of those! And can you fix that...and....and....and...and!" I had to jump out of the way before I got steamrolled. WOW!!! What a woman!

Then she started in on the lingerie. "Did you get me this? Did you get that? I'll need some of those! And what size those did you get? Oh, I'll need more than just this...!" Of course, I answered in my most intelligent manner, "Uh....hmmm....well?....I, ah....Well...ah...?"

The next evening, couples started arriving. We were very pleased that a few of them came very early and wanted to borrow the shower after a long trip. Some of them came from 175 miles away. And, we had just the right amount of people to make the party "interesting".

I had the barbecue going and started cooking hamburgers. Nita had done all the prep work herself...including making the hamburger patties. They turned out absolutely excellent all because of her. She's a genius in the kitchen. I can't wait for more of her Texas cooking.

We all went in to the music room and I started playing and singing. Of course, I played a lot of love songs to try to get all the girls in the proper mood. I quickly found out that it was unnecessary. Nita was mingling with the girls and getting them prepped far better that I ever could. I didn't realize this until I saw Nita leading all the girls out of the music room into the garage area (which was now a dance floor) and toward the dressing room. She shut one of the double doors but left one open and was standing just inside where only I could see her. The rest of the guys couldn't see her.

I'm trying to play and sing some stuff and I looked through the door and Nita is standing there smiling at me and flashing her boobs at me. Now let me tell you, if you're a male musician that has never played a strip joint, let's just see you sing a song without missing a word while looking at that. She had changed into one of her lingerie outfits in about 29 seconds and was flashing me and letting me know that she was ready to model.

I immediately started playing (you guessed it) "You Are So Beautiful" and she came strutting through the door wearing this little (and I mean little) goodie that left nothing to the imagination. Right away, I hear the guys; "Ohhhhh!" "Wow" "Alright"....and I'm trying to sing..."You are soooo beuuuuuuuutifull...too meeee.... You are soo...uh welll now yes and ah, to hell with it".

As soon as Nita finished, another girl came right out and took right off where Nita left off. I thought 1 or 2 of them would be a little shy...or maybe not even do it at all....WRONG!!!

About the 3rd round, here comes Nita....almost a little overdressed compared to her previous costumes (which had become less and less). I was playing Peggy Lee's "Fever" for her and she was taking full advantage of every note. She was peeling everything off.....and the guys were going crazy. I could see the girls all standing in the double doors watching her and they were cheering her on. I didn't know up until then that she was also a very good dancer. When she got down to just her thong, she literally slithered up to one of the guys and stretched out the waist band toward him and told him to "grab it and pull it down"....He didn't hesitate...and she was stark naked. The guys were whistling and the girls were screaming! Then the rest of the girls jumped out on the floor and started throwing clothes every where. What a sight. A voyeur's dream come true. The girls all dancing and teasing.....naked as jay birds!

It was about 15 minutes before all the dancing stopped, but while those girls were dancing, they were also sharing everything they had with all the guys. I never saw so much touchy-feely going on. And the girls seemed to be making a point of sharing their treasures with each and every guy.

I think Nita had some say about that. She wouldn't cop out when I asked her, she just smiled at me and said "Rilly?" with that damned Texas accent turned up to maximum. What a woman. She knows just how to wrap me around her finger....and like it!

I now think back to the day that I first saw her profile and knew that this was the girl of my dreams. I just didn't realize it for sure until 2 nights ago. I'm still thinking that it was just a dream. But, it wasn't. IT WAS REAL!!!

Nita and I did come to a full agreement. We are going to do this once a month from now on. She told me that she has always wanted to do this, too, because she has been to several parties previous to this and, to her, there was always something lacking. We both agree that the 2 of us make a great team and we see nothing but fun times ahead of us.

By the way, VIAGRA WORKS!!!!! And she'll verify it!

caressmewell 53F

5/3/2006 7:47 pm

I wish each of you the best of luck!

Musicmanforevr replies on 5/4/2006 12:48 am:
Thank you, Caressme....I appreciate it....and much more than just luck to you, too. You're a very pretty lady!

intimatekisser2 59M
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5/4/2006 10:42 pm

what a story
you held my interests all the way through
love finds no bounderies
one thing that I want to share with you about not getting it up the 1st night
no big deal...really
remember this
you had a time out, your body doesn't believe you are getting it ready for those special times you had. and times they must have been
it's still in la la land...resting
it's normal
imagine a pen sitting in a cup holder for months
does it write right away
you have to work it slowly to get it out at times, unless you are impatient and throw it away... and most people do, no matter what quality it possessed. you may never see it's true color,
once those lines are cleared...watch out... you are home free writing a story
in your case
a novel
send me an e-mail on more of your activities
I would love to hear it
Capital,New York

Musicmanforevr replies on 5/5/2006 8:38 pm:
You are absolutely correct about "clearing the lines"....Nita helped me to do that. I thought I was 19 again....almost blew her ass off...and that's the truth. It even shook her up. Thanks for the comment. It's nice to find that people are actually reading my junk.


5/5/2006 12:45 am

I nita stock in Viagra Wishing you the best babe {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Musicmanforevr replies on 5/5/2006 8:42 pm:
But that stock in Viagra NOW!!! The way that I'm using those little blue pills up, the stock is going to go sky high! They're already rationing it in the Mexican pharmacies just because of me. And, please...no more of those kisses. I'll grab a case of Viagra from my stock in my warehouse and hunt you down.

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